Monday, November 29, 2010

Sickness Limited tshirts

well, we been planning for this..... only 20 pcs will be produced...interested?notified us,mail me personally,tell me what size u want,cash in yer money to us...price : RM38(not includes postage) if lets said the number of 20 not be reach, so this tshirt will be not in reality consequences and people who dump their money earlier, we will returned it back to you, dateline for this tee is until late december 2010,..time constrains.... thanx!!
if anyone not familiar with Sickness, check them out in their myspace

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lowfat 2nd tshirt

front(light grey)

back(light grey)

front(light blue)

back(light blue)



every purchased of the tshirt get free CD supporting Lowfat

After long hiatus, Own Control Records just released Lowfat 2nd tshirt, Lowfat is hardcore/punk band from bangkok,Thailand that fronted with japanese creative monster!!! if you unfamiliar with Lowfat, you can check them out on their myspace
the shirt available on light grey,light blue and yellow
price: RM35 + CD
size available from Medium, Large, XLarge

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Jah Excretion CD is on OCR lists

Jah Excretion is sicko industrial,noise,ambient,grind,experimental from Japan... if you like Japanese art noise ambient, you will not disappointed after buy this CD, price : RM12 you know the drills...associated with extreme volume and distortion,more experimental way and a new dimension of sound,Their minds never end and their inspiration is endless... check this out.....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Damokis/Sickness Split CD

hola! you can get this Damokis/Sickness split CD from us.... just RM15(by hand) Malaysian grindcore meet Malaysian gore grind...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

240 Noise Volts Value Package

Latest 240 Noise Volts(raw grind/noise from Kluang, Johor) merchandise ..its value package consist of trucker cap + 240NV sticker + OCR sticker + 240NV tshirt + demo tape, for trucker cap please choose what colour u guys/girls want - (red,green,dark blue and royal blue) same goes to tshirt, please choose what colour u guys/girls want - black tee with grey/pink dye ink or black tee with grey/blue dye ink... ) this value package is RM48, limited edition as well...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Damage Digital 2nd Tshirt released!

Magenta tee on baxx

Magenta tee on front

Brown tee on baxx

Brown tee on front

Maroon tee on baxx

Maroon tee on front

limited DxD sticker includes every purchase of DxD tee

hi ya!! so this is the first product of Own Control Records of the year of 2010 - Damage Digital tshirt...
appeared on Magenta, Maroon and Brown tshirt from Medium size to XL size , Price: RM38 (includes free limited DxD stickers cheers!!!