Sunday, August 30, 2009

"WoUnD" - NOISECORE special issue Comp CDr

hello folks!! its been a long time i didnt released any here we go again, this time we are in Own Control records is back on our roots.. we been collecting some raw grind/noisecore bands for our "WoUnD" - NOISECORE special issue Comp CDr ... people keep forgetting what is oldschool noisecore sound like? if your bands interested to join hit me, only raw grind/noisecore bands are invited, if you play like Final Exit from Japan are most welcomed!! hit us!! we just need 3 sonx from each band contribution
updated news:
these are the bands that already send their masterpiece for this compilation:-


2)240 Noise Volts (Malaysia)



5)Homicidal Republik(UK)

6)Social Success Project(Sweden)
9)Pissed Cunt(Czech Republic)
11)Damage Digital (Japan)
12)Andrzej Piontek (Spain)
14)Colico (Ecuador)
15)Sicknoise (Chile)
ok here we have for the completed list bands... really cult masterpiece...we just need a few more week for inlay progress in order to release it, thanx to all bands, cheers!!


noizemhaker said...

hello man
i'm interrested to be in your noisecore compilation cd with my project : sarkofachocrss88
check my website , :)

cheers , christophe

Maxi Maxi said...

Hey man, we are Sick-Noise from Chile(southamerica), we play noisecore since 2005, and we like your work, so we want to jointo the Comp. ileave you my email, i'll send you my songs.