Thursday, July 16, 2009

Magnicide "Rise To The Annihilation" CD

i been followed Magnicide stuffs since their debut on tape, they still do a great job of refining what is grindcore is all about from each releases that they produced, this new CD really extremely consistent, no low point and no tracks that i'd skip!! everything fits perfectly , really fast and blast beat parts..
really remind me of Assuck and 324 with heavy weave a whirlwind of guitar work, a thick sludge bass providing a wall of sound, deep throaty vocals familiar of 324 sounding vox, great mix of blast beats drumming, really nice mixture of different beats and fills, singalong here and there and they stand out with really nice riff or even a solo!!
this is a solid full length that they still have and extremely thick and crushing atmosphere.. a great addiction to any grinder's collection
you can gets this CD thru me(own control records) price : RM45 (by hand)

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