Monday, June 8, 2009

Thanx For The Music - x Dull Entertainment Programme x !!!

frontman acai on guitar and vox

tojeng on 2nd guitar

nice shirt acai, where do you got it?

dep last live set list....

dep last pose for their die hard fans...

what a shocked news? actually this news exposed out on early june2009, but i dont noticed it (maybe too busy with work and don't do any internet surf )until the frontman, acai text me, hehe sorry dude... so i take my opportunity to pay tribute and say some words of wisdom.....
so they call it quit...this is some note that acai wrote in their blog ..."Hmmm.. .the one thing that I really want to share with you here (maybe some of you have heard it by now) is that last Saturday was DEP final show. Tojeng, Panther, Asma and me have decided that we have no longer share the same direction and interest. For all that have been said and done, it’s best that we find our own direction. Seems like DEP is no longer relevant to us. Not like 15 years ago. So we started it in Kuantan and we ended it there too. To friends who can’t make it, I’m sorry but you missed it!"
i first heard their first ep/demo with grey cover (i remember that) somewhere around 1995/96, and i'm been friend with tojeng(their 2nd guitarist), i'm in the same university with him 95/96 era.. and yeah! we fucking skateboarding together! you love crooked grind! and heelflip, bro!",... i met only once with their frontman, acai? hehe even it was a short occasion(we will meet again in near future, watch out bro!)and yeah! we dig the same music, bro!! hail old earache records!! haha (just to name a few...) panther - just meet him once in Giant Plentong, JB with BB(where the hell this guy located??)cheers!!
what can i say, those freaks were the architect that making kuantan one of the best scene in the mid to late 90's... music is on their blood and i hope they would not stop playing music...
thanx for the music, inspiration and friendship.... own control records
x june 2009

last dep show photo by Izzat Muazzam , thanx

p/s : "dont care the records is out of print?, rare?, limited edition?, first pressing?, signature edition?,etcetc, u still can buy those, but you cannot buy friendship....true friends will put the ideology aside and will stay with you even how fxxked up you are"

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DEP said...

Where did I get the shirt from? of course courtesy of Own Control Records. Thanks!

And also thanks for the write up. Truly an honour. Don't worry. The struggle continues.

Cheers to good spirit! ;)