Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Welcome home!!!!!

welcome home!!! those picture taken from their last show in Nagoya,Japan by Rafael Yaekashi.. They will play in KL on 8 Aug 2009 and JB on 9 Aug 2009 , cheers!!!
Grindbastards#3 comp cd featured Unholy Grave (名古屋),Little Bastards (埼玉),D.I.E. (千葉),Cortecuellos (岡崎),Bleeding Humanity (名古屋),Deadly Spawn (東京),Fortitude (大阪),Magnicide (シンガポール),Mangirl (名古屋),Brob (東京),Butcher ABC (東京),Zagio Evha Dilegj (長野),Mortalized (京都),屈辱 (京都)available now!! price: 10sgd
RISE TO THE ANNIHILATION (CD) - new CD from Magnicide released by HG fact(Japan) 14 sonx plus one bonus sonx available now!!! price: 20sgd

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