Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Still Available and Still Kicking Ass!!

OC#012 "all system GRIND!"volume two compilation CD still available and still hot in Own Control HQ, anyway, this is the first CD that been released by us on 2005... so this is the last chance for you guys (that missed this cult compilation last time) to have it... "this is grind/noise compilation featured 19 bands all around the world like 240 Noise Volts(Malaysia), Alienation Mental(Czech Republic), Army Of Flying Robots (UK), Birdflesh(Sweden), Boiling Remains (Belgium), Cause For Effect(Finland), Fuck The Facts (Canada), Guyana PunchLine(USA), HeWhoCorrupts(USA), Inhumate(France), Japura Noise Project(Brazil), Le-Scrawl(Germany), Malefaction(Canada), No Value(Japan), Rot(Brazil), Rotten Cold(Austria), Sickness (Malaysia), Total Fucking Destruction(USA) and Watch Me Burn(USA) running time:60minutes 59seconds" price:RM12(Malaysia)

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