Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sickness/Papaconia limited split CDr

this is limited 30pcs Sickness(Malaysia)/Papaconia(Japan) split CDr edition... Malaysian Sickness gore grind meet Japanese insane sexual one man noise Papaconia in one DIY CDr battlefield release... comes along with sticker and patches.. in other way round, this CDr supposed to be sell in 4th april gig supporting Sickness.. well unfortunely the gig cancel, so this limited release just appear in mailorder catalog, just for lucky 30 peoples... check out egofix for the price
p/s: i just heard some news that some motherfucker try to copying some of my releases without asking the permission...WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? this is beyond limit and FUCKED UP!! i always give permission (like my early releases to some peoples)but at least ask for the permission,(is that hard to do??) it's not just fucking steal it...

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