Monday, April 6, 2009

Shinjuku Incident

hola... again me and my buddy, Mr Saha from Times Still Here online hardcore zine abused our holiday, go to the cinema and watch the screen, well this is my first time reviewing movie that i never done it before either in my zine or other else zine,.. Shinjuku Incident is latest outfit from Jackie Chan(He plays role as Steelhead or Kepala Besi??in the movie.. what the fuck? haha) to be honest, i'm impressed at first by the movie title, it's Japanese!! one of the area district in Tokyo, Japan... Lots of news about the movie getting banned in China due to the movie brutality assault, The movie somehow show reflects the dark side of Shinjuku,Tokyo,Japan an illegal immigrants were working, how they survived?,chased off by police, brewing in Shinjuku between rival Yakuza gangs, betray, capitalism, blend the action and drama with sentimentality and moments of extreme violence...what can i say this story revolves when they had more complications in their life when they crossed path with several own allies and yakuzas internal conflict. For my view, there a lot of "realness" in this movie, and i dont complain how the movie goes flow or how the movie end, just perfect blend heavy struggle movie, like one quote said " you cannot escape from yakuza....." well for Jackie... he didnt fight using his martial art much, less fight but emotional, he also tries hard not to smile and not even make any stupid joke either... yeah! Jackie really taking this role seriously and far away different from his previous movies, salute! Overall the movie is really enjoyable and got hidden messages that you shouldfind yourself if you want to survive in this world of capitalism.... must have this one, hope for BlueRay DVD Disc in your collection shelf...

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