Wednesday, April 29, 2009

10 May 2009

see ya there... some of own control records surprise stuffs will be there on sales!!! and my friend's band from Singapore, MAGNICIDE will be grinding in this show... anyone that missed their show in KL last year, this is the golden opportunity to see them live blasting grinding yer ass!!before they headed to Japan tour, heard from their frontman, their EP will be on sales too on the day itself... bring extra cash, dude!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

personal stuff collection to let go...

Mr Saha from Times Still Here Online Hardcore zine have some personal stuff collection to let go.. interested? click this link

Monday, April 6, 2009

Shinjuku Incident

hola... again me and my buddy, Mr Saha from Times Still Here online hardcore zine abused our holiday, go to the cinema and watch the screen, well this is my first time reviewing movie that i never done it before either in my zine or other else zine,.. Shinjuku Incident is latest outfit from Jackie Chan(He plays role as Steelhead or Kepala Besi??in the movie.. what the fuck? haha) to be honest, i'm impressed at first by the movie title, it's Japanese!! one of the area district in Tokyo, Japan... Lots of news about the movie getting banned in China due to the movie brutality assault, The movie somehow show reflects the dark side of Shinjuku,Tokyo,Japan an illegal immigrants were working, how they survived?,chased off by police, brewing in Shinjuku between rival Yakuza gangs, betray, capitalism, blend the action and drama with sentimentality and moments of extreme violence...what can i say this story revolves when they had more complications in their life when they crossed path with several own allies and yakuzas internal conflict. For my view, there a lot of "realness" in this movie, and i dont complain how the movie goes flow or how the movie end, just perfect blend heavy struggle movie, like one quote said " you cannot escape from yakuza....." well for Jackie... he didnt fight using his martial art much, less fight but emotional, he also tries hard not to smile and not even make any stupid joke either... yeah! Jackie really taking this role seriously and far away different from his previous movies, salute! Overall the movie is really enjoyable and got hidden messages that you shouldfind yourself if you want to survive in this world of capitalism.... must have this one, hope for BlueRay DVD Disc in your collection shelf...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Half Gorilla / Magnicide split 7"

a blasting ep from both band which resulted in a massive wonderful blasting to our ears! Half Gorilla is from Milwaukee,USA they shreddin with 5 songs full of hc/powerviolence/ grind term without losin' stability of their technical vision, managin' to keep things as catchy as they are complex. Magnicide hailed from Singapore are back with vengeance with this second ep installment with a constant assault on the senses and grinding blasts only interrupted with neck-snapping breakdowns even is just 2 songs.. due to its similar dense feel, but retaining accurate timing and speed shifts, it still absolutely devastating chaotic fury!! Like a quote said “Only grindcore is real. Crush the weak trend"
you can get this split ep from egofix

News from Magnicide camp
They just finished record for their upcoming CD that will be released under HG fact (will released and launched when they conquering and grinding their tune in Japan on their upcoming Japan tour 09). The same series will be released under Rescued from Life(Usa) on LP and Straineyes Prod.(Malaysia) on tape version.. there will some different and surprises from each series installments. Their pre tour, Magnicide will grinding JB on 10 May09 (Sunday) before they hit Japan, the flyers will out soon… so grinders! Meet you there in pit…!

still available.....

photo 1:
Increases Noise tshirt still available thru me..
size available on M,XL,XXL
colour tee:
Red tee with white dye ink
Yellow tee with black dye ink
price:RM25(not includes postage)
photo 2:
240 Noise Volts tshirt still available thru me..
size left only L size..
colour tee:
Light Blue tee with white dye ink
Dark Blue tee with red dye ink
price:RM25(not includes postage)

grab it before it vanished forever...

Friday, April 3, 2009

egofix online shop

some of our releases and our distro lists are on egofix , feel free to explore.... egofix is your source for Used, New, Rare and Out of print stuffs that been posted from circle of friends. it's like a noticeboard have managed to find a place amongst the bright lights and slot machines.. Find classic collectibles, rare signed editions, used , and inexpensive from clothing, books, vinyl, cd, tape etcetc ... Save money with great deals on new & used that is the idea

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sickness/Papaconia limited split CDr

this is limited 30pcs Sickness(Malaysia)/Papaconia(Japan) split CDr edition... Malaysian Sickness gore grind meet Japanese insane sexual one man noise Papaconia in one DIY CDr battlefield release... comes along with sticker and patches.. in other way round, this CDr supposed to be sell in 4th april gig supporting Sickness.. well unfortunely the gig cancel, so this limited release just appear in mailorder catalog, just for lucky 30 peoples... check out egofix for the price
p/s: i just heard some news that some motherfucker try to copying some of my releases without asking the permission...WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? this is beyond limit and FUCKED UP!! i always give permission (like my early releases to some peoples)but at least ask for the permission,(is that hard to do??) it's not just fucking steal it...