Monday, February 23, 2009


own control main website : is RIP, i dont know what the fxxk is going on with the site, i asked (for a very long ages)a few people and a few friend, they cant fixed it or maybe dont want to help, haha so fucked up!! so this blog officially to be the main website for own control records, anything just refer to this website for update...
we just started EGOFIX, it is a sub division of own control records, it's a way different from own control records installment, it's like a noticeboard that have managed to find a place amongst the bright lights and slot machines..find out your favourite stuffs there... if you guys/girls out there wanna join egofix, just give a shout to them !!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Demisor tshirt released!!

Demisor is a legendary grindcore band hailed from Singapore... this is their 1st demo artwork official released on 1990 and put their name on grindcore bible and grind map all over the world..
again just 30 pcs all over the world... a must for collectors! and a must for grindcore maniac bondage fetishist ...available on M size, L size, XL size, XXL size, XXXL size
price: RM25(Malaysia - by hand) USD12(world)
Mr Amirul in reading, thanx and salute for the opportunity to release this cult masterpiece..

Monday, February 9, 2009

Damage Digital tshirt in Action!!

those are some pose for Damage Digital tshirt..
photo no 1: Mr Sano(Lowfat/Own Control Records Bangkok,Thailand) abused Damage Digital tshirt while waiting for thai classic signature ice-cream ... Location: Bangkok,Thailand
photo no 2: Myself(Own Control Records cult leader)abused Damage Digital tshirt while eat the origin Tom Yam during my holiday trip in Thailand... Location:Bangkok,Thailand
photo no 3,4,5,6 : Damage Digital band member abused Damage Digital tshirt while grinding their tune!!! ... Location:Tokyo, Japan
well... those shirt just left a few in quantity... just left M size,XL size and XXL size, remember just 30 pcs on this planet earth... grab this opportunity, when it gone, it's forever gone...