Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tahniah buat A Luv In Misery!!!

congratulation to you guys, A Luv In Misery... band yang dianggotai oleh azrin, eddie, bandaraya aka tiong (yang sekarang menetap di Kuala Lumpur) dan eppy,..the only indie band in Kluang(yang bakal-bakal masuk Juara Lagu tahun 2009 ni, hehhe) No 1 in chart dude!!! gilalah!!! To Mr Azrin in reading... lepas ni jangan ko balik kluang , ko pakai spec besar dengan selendang iye, he he he
anyway and anyhow(kekeke) keep on rocking!!! kalau drummer busy, Mr Saha from Anal Cunt boleh jadi drummer session...hehe keep on rocking!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"Made In Thailand" tour (2Jan2009 to 7Jan2009)

what a trip?! i enjoy every moment in Bangkok,Thailand from 2nd January 2009 till 7th January 2009(even myself taking a risk that before i go there a lot of chaos,riot and protest news that we heard in the news here, so far i'm safe and in good condition for this trip, thanx god...)..even this is the third time i go there... eating great foods!! all their signature dishes,(mango sticky rice kicking ass!!!) floating market(this one really classic!! a must for you.. thai fanatics! haha but you must wake up earlier for this trip...), oil massage (mr payung in reading... must try this one... cheap and good!!), shopping (wowowo!! fucking great!! their weekend market called chaktukchak is huge... almost lost in there,... i'm in there maybe like 4-5hours?? fucking huge!!)the rest of the shopping malls are great can get the best price ever...bargain and keep on bargain...their handmade craft fucking excellent!! very good for souvenier,...alot and alot of things here you can explore here... and yeah!! like usual, myself meet my own control records Thailand branch mate, Mr Sano, he aka Lowfat frontman.. we been eaten great food, grinding floating market and make some noise!!! haha, Mr Sano been asking me for keep some money for future and he will bring me down to his hometown...Nagoya,Japan (yeah!! i love to go there and i'm start to keep some money for it)and he told me if got chance maybe we can meet Unholy Grave or maybe cant wait for it....!! so the next tour will be Nagoya, Japan.......
p/s: there's alot of photo during this bangkok tour, just only a few pictures that i managed to publish in this blog.. the rest of the photos, please come to my house to experience the moment, hell yeah!! or maybe i put only a few in my
Damage Digital and 240 Noise Volts tshirt is in less quantity, please contact me if you interested to buy... just 30 pieces from each band all around the world...