Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Damage Digital Tshirt released!

for those who are waiting for too long, here we are....Damage Digital tshirt released today... Damage Digital is great ultra brutal grindcore with dual female/male vox... the tshirt released in 3 colours 1)Dark Green(with white dye colour ink) 2)Brown(with dunkin donut orange dye colour ink) 3)Black (with florencent green dye colour ink) only limited 30 tshirt worldwide available in M size, L size, XL size, XXL size and XXXL size price: RM25(Malaysia) , USD 12(world) what are you waiting for.....grab it....
p/s: for dark green tshirt just 3 tshirt available for the time being but will be available end of december,sorry guys due to factory default...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Grave Live In Singapore 30 November 2008

hailed from sweden... Grave no need any introduction for swedish death metal followers...Their debut full-length album Into the Grave was released in 1991, which has become a death metal classic over the years....their live set in Singapore is further increasing the overall speed and aggression... but for me their live set is short? or maybe the clock is ticking so fast and i don't ever noticed it, hehe? anyway, their live dose is solid and showcased aggressive! hail swedish death metal!!