Monday, November 3, 2008

Noisear / Magnicide split 7"

heyhey....what we got here? this is one of the new release from Rescued From Life Records, Noisear(USA)/Magnicide(Singapore) Noisear kick offwith blast and grinding your ears with 4 brutal grind tracks, contains the drummer from Gridlink,furious,brutal and excellent!! if you fans of discordance axis or any other ultra brutal grind all the way,you will like this band.. Magnicide hailed from Singapore consists members of Bombarde, ex-demisor, Hasrat, Secret Seven... really destructive,torture grind all the way ala almighty324.... this is damn impressive debut(first vinyl release by this band) both band is great!! the music is tenacious and rips at breakneck speed from beginning to end with GRIND!!!!nothing much to say, readers fucking grab it...the split EP comes with amazing cover art....
for local crew, malaysia or singapore you can direct buy split EP from the band(Magnicide) by 8sgd

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