Monday, November 3, 2008

ABC Partisan Gig (Tokyo-Singapore-Johor Bahru 2 November 2008)

im so so surpised with this Mini Tour 2 November 2008 with 2 Japanese band - Brutal Terrorism and Money Is God along with some local crews like Hellexist, Wardogs, Skitsofrenia and Blinded Humanity(Singapore) This 2 Japanese Bands only play in Singapore and Johor Bahru only, but in Johor Bahru gig set is really different from other gig before we seen whether in Johor Bahru or maybe KL or the rest of any place in Malaysia... maybe this one we called as Wedding Dinner Gig Party...really surprised!! we can enjoy and share the moment of Money is God's vocalist and his wife married in our(msian)tradisional culture...its really good to taste , learn and experience other cultures, salute and respect from own control records to MIG's vox, you got the guts and edge! and i'm so happy to meet Mr Yasuki from Brutal Terrorism, Mr Yasuki is my old friend from Japan, we do trade stuffs and share some info before and its really awesome to meet your mate in reality world.... anyway, Brutal Terrorism is fuckin excellent... fast hardcore grind!!! very good!! i will upload the video live footage(the internet is so damn slow, can't do anything...suxx!!...(i also got some BT cds and tracks list BT set, thanx Yasuki...!) the dinner is awesome, the food is good, the tour tshirt is cool! the band and the show is great! good work Jimbo, keep on organizing some surprised show again in near future.... cheers!

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