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Saha "Current Obsession" Corner : J-Horror

welcome aboard... another brilliant writer from Embrace zines/records join forces with me to find the truth out there for this gore obsession blog....we like to pollute yer mind with J-Horror!

So what's going on? For this first installment, let me tell you about few Japanese horror movies (in short; J-Horror) that's worth buying their DVDs, put it in your mega-audio system DVD player, with big flat-screen TV, a glass of Teh-C, snacks, chips, anything to eat, get absolutely naked, lots of pillow (for covering your eyes that is), turn-off the lights to get more thrill, make sure it is past midnight (12PM-2PM is a goodtime to watch J-Horror) or you will get curse (you'll die horribly naked the next morning that is the curse), and get ready for some unforgettable midnight you'll ever experienced from the far-eastern magical you'll ever seen in your whole life. Lets tonight be the night.

Some things about Japan you ought to know. I love Japan; but don't anybody? The music scene over there is fantastic (any genres you come across), the country has many beautiful scenery and clean (well, that's at least what I've heard), 85% of most Japanese girls is whitey, noisy, pretty, slim, and has the best teeth, and they giggling a lot which is super sexy, Mount Fuji have the best views, and last but not least, their food taste so good (well, maybe, I don't know after all, hahaha).

Other than that, Japan also have the best horror movies compare to many other horror movies from any other countries around the world. Well, of course, some might not agree, but that's just my opinion. If not the best, they are mostly good, but I'm a fan so, of course my views about them will be 100% positive.

So, here I list down a few of it that you must see and experience it yourselves, and then decide whether if I'm just full load of shit or not.

One Missed Call (2004)
Starring J-Pop idol and lightly super gorgeous Kou Shibasaki (Sinking Of Japan, Shaolin Girl, etc). It's difficult to put this one on the first of the list because I have so many other favorites, but I would say that this one is what makes Japanese horror movies quite well-known to the foreign horror movie fans, although constantly being underrated and underestimated by many foreign movie makers (especially those money grabbers scumbags from Hollywood). This movie break the foreign market both locally and internationally because of its commercialism and the non anti-establishment attitude. In other words, this movie is totally for the mainstream market thus makes it quite simply entertaining rather than being down to earth nor blatant.

From what I read, the cost of production for this multi-selling, sold-out, unglamorous horror epic is expensive, despite the movie lack of sounds-effect system, or multi-camera angles, but how can that be? Simple, in Japan, movie-makers are not rich and most of them are economically unstable.

Movie production in Japan actually is quite expensive, but on the other hand the anime production is rather cheap, so that's why the anime business production is more demanding than the actual movies. The director for OMC is lucky enough to have a star such as Kou Shibasaki (she actually ignored the invitation from Quentin Tarantino to be in Kill Bill a year before that; later Lucy Liu took that $$$ offer) for his first try on the mainstream movie market. The Director, Mike Takashi is well-known around the independent movie scene and he is probably the best right now in the Japanese independent movie-making circle.

You don't get the same faces in the Japanese horror movies. Every horror movies has different talents from youngest, newest, and oldest folks, so you get to see all new fresh talented actors/actresses every time there's a new horror on the brinks. (in Malaysia you get the same faces acting in love story, ghost story, mat rempit story, police story, orang kaya story, lawak bodoh story, and suddenly they can turn to singers too, that's a multi-triple talented from malaysian actors/actresses if you have ask me).

One Missed Call is a story about a girl who has freaky past histories with her mentally disturbed mother who severely tortured and abused her, while seeing her grandmother committing suicide added that to her craziness childhood until she escaped and runaway from home at the age of 20's.

The frightening begins when she and her few friends started to get a missed call, and later one by one died of horrifying and unexplainable death that took her mentally off (some deaths happened infront of her eyes), and nearly makes her go beyond craziness. The acting of Kou Shibasaki seeing the death of her friends was pretty good. It is considered to be the best part by many people who have watched OMC.

She then got help from a kind detective who happened to experience the same death that happened to his sister as well after getting a missed call with the same eerie scary ringtone. The plot goes on really well, although the fright, the jumpy, and the suspense never ends until the last minute of it, despite the ending being quite erratic if you ask me. You need a lot of guts for this one, maybe watch it with around 1-2 friends will be a good idea. For those who have heart problem, it's not recommended, or else you'll be the first to die among anybody who have seen this. (4/5)

PS do not watch the remake by Hollywood scumbags, it's a total flop, as always.

Audition (1999)
Let me begin by quoting the infamous Christian phrase, "Darkness covers a multitude of sins". Audition seems to be fall into dark horror film category until you realize it's not just about that. For the first 20 minutes, you'll be consumed by the mainstream ordinary lifestyle of the lead character who was a film producer, a father to a good son, a widow, a friendly neighbor, and a lonely guy who just want to find a new wife and romance.

Everything is just so numb, lifeless, and quite for him, until he get to know a mysterious girl who came to a fake movie audition. From the first minutes he saw her, he's just so interested to know this rather charming ordinary looking girl. It then became his obsession, whilst starting to abandoned advices from his good friend who's started to seen some fraud in the girl resume who claimed herself as a ballet-dancer.

In the last 20 minutes, this cute shy girl starts to reveals what's under her boredom all this while. Her dark atrocity sins consist of bloody violence-gore-torturing-murdering, and she's doing it all, and that her new lover boy becomes the latest autopsy using drugs, needles, and piano wire to cut off his legs and so on and on. Darn it, apparently she's a butcher, not a dancer. And you just can hear the sounds when the wire string grinding the bones it's so surreal I think to myself whether if it's real or not. It's so terrifying not to mentioned purely ultra-violent with blood tarnish all over the floor for the last 20minutes. A total abhorrent.

Audition theme is not about horror and it's a not a ghost story but rather about resentment, and perhaps more about loneliness in Japan gloomy society that has been transcend to real violent and nightmare by the director (I honestly think Mike Takashi is almost out of his mind, but wait for my review on Visitor Q; I almost puke watching this one), with very disturbing views and scene cuts, and gore, and annoying imagery, especially the part where she vomit and gave it to her victim and he's slurping as if it was a mushroom soup, totally 100% unacceptable.

Audition is absolutely not for fans of Adam Sandler or Rosham Nor movies. Recommended only for fans of hardcore horror and violent theme movies. Audition makes Saw and Texas Chainsaw Massacre as The Flintstones and ET that's for sure. (4/5)

So, that's it for now. I'll be back next time with some more of my current obsession pick. Until then, long live J-Horror and death to the Hollywood False Horror!

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