Thursday, October 16, 2008

Motley Crue live in Singapore 16october2008

Guns N Roses is dead! Skid Row is Dead! Poison is Dead! Here come Motley Crue!! Dream comes true to see Motley Crue live infront of my fucking eyes!they are fucking solid ultimate rock n roll for over 25 years!!they survived a few decades in rock music industry and yeah!they are legend!! even they proudly announced on stage that they will come back to Singapore probably hope next year... worth for your money even the ticket is so so so expensive... well,their tour tshirt is sold out(people from all over south east asia like Indonesia,Malaysia,Singapore etc buy at least 4tshirt per person...oh my god!!) ...even myself get the display one and last one....(to Mr Iba,Mr Payung and the rest who ask me to buy the tour tshirt, thousand apologies and sorries, guys... tshirt sold out!) even unexpected things happen...i meet my old friend in the concert - Mr AhHon(to Mr Iba, remember AhHon... we used to skate together in 90's?)he still rock n roll skateboarder,but still unrecognized and under rated in skateboarding world, but who care? you skate for life!fuck money,glory and fame!! for myself last meeting with him is around 95, what the fuck? this is 2008, really long time dude...back to Motley Crue, they play their old classic tunes and some new Kickstart My Heart, Dr Feelgood, Louder Than Hell, Red Hot, Saint Of Los Angeles, Girls Girls Girls, Home Sweet Home, Dont Go Away Mad(Just Go Away),Live Wire, Shout At The Devil, Same Ol' Situation, Sick Love Songs, Primal Scream, etcetc.... its an ultimate rock n roll show! Long live Motley Crue... like 1989 motley crue "dr feelgood"tshirt back stated "crue fans are the best fuck the rest!"
i will upload another video live footage in other session, just wait readers....

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