Saturday, September 6, 2008

Toast Of The Town

we are toast of the town!!! me joined by Saha(aka Anal Cunt Drummer),Syed Shafiq, Amir(aka John Cena),Faizal Tenuk smashed our hometown, just walk around in Bazaar Ramadhan...we love to hang around, love to lepak, love to eat and yeah! we are toast of the town!! at last we can hang around in our fav place - "Kluang RailCoffee" after few day hiatus, he he he ...but i do got serious question.... why amir(aka John Cena) love to eat a lot these day...? got any ideas, dude??


amirul said...

Oic si Amir kaki gini aku bole join le??aku pun geng lepak & makan punya!!power!!

Own Control Records said...

aik? hi amirul, rare tu ko comment kat sini...hehe yeah!! we all suka lepak and makan2, best tuh... amir memang suka makan alot these day, he he he