Thursday, September 4, 2008

personality #9 - part 2 "own control records festival"

i been organized one kicking ass festival called "own control records festival" in our classic days it been held every once a year (yeah! raya time...!!)in my fuckin house,dude maybe a private and confidential party... yeah! fucking VIP!!! we been served and entertained by our best chef in the world(erk... maybe well recognized in Australia only....?)Mr Baba.... spaghetti, pasta,nasi goreng, sup? etcetc u just name it and this clown bozo will do for us.... oh yeah! our favourite beer is motherfucking root beer, do you guys have problem with it? hehe even we make some icecream float, dude? oh i miss those days...cook, eat, laugh, make jokes(whether lawak bangsat, lawak intelligent, lawak lucah, etc..)watch dvds, sharing stupid story etc etc etc what the hell! due to fucked up job, fucked up schedule and (baba tak dapat balik cuti raya,hehe...) so the festival been suspended for some years....oh shit!! attached above are faded old picture and please enjoy!!, Mr Baba(the chef), Mr Jake(the transporter) and Mr Saha(so-called assistant chef) in reading.. (those trio are the original mastermind of the festival) please plan and schedule back our festival for sure you guys miss alot of hell...and we gonna kick some ass!

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