Friday, September 5, 2008

In The Making Of "Papaconia/Sickness" split CDr (oc#016)

This will be the 16th releases of own control records – Papaconia/Sickness split cdr (oc#016). This is my first try/attempt to release in CDr format…should be OK I think and yeah it comes along with pro-printed cover… the artwork is ready!! The master CD is ready and willing to kick some ass!! PAPACONIA is Japanese one single individual psycho sexual grind/noise machine… computerized grind noise in yer face!! Appreciate noise!! Most of tremendously and brilliant noise music come from Japan, no second thought and no doubt about it…. 18 tracks of noise from their side… only noise maker/ people will understand what this is all about… so the another flip is our local gore grind crew SICKNESS.. 3 piece gore grind!! 6 sonx of gore includes 2 old sonx that been remixed and taken from “Empathological Excavations” tape …. So I expect this split CDr will released soon(somewhere around September or early October 2008) if nothing goes wrong….sometimes due to technical default, it will drag us late in order to release it accordingly… And yeah!! Thanx to local crews – especially Mr Amir from 240 Noise Volts(see picture attached) that help me in the making of the inlay artwork…together we stand strong!! And thanx to the bands – Papaconia(Japan) and Sickness (Malaysia) for believe on us to release this masterpiece! To readers/fans out there…. Check it out!! cheers!!

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