Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Anal Cunt blast my mind!!

Anal Cunt is an American band, originating in Newton, Massachusetts. They have been categorized as grindcore, noisecore and hardcore. They are often referred to by their initials A.C. (often written as AxCx) due to the offensive nature of their name and censorship limits on some radio and publications, and many of their album covers simply display the initials A.C. However, the band has managed to subvert even this abbreviation by drawing these letters in a manner resembling an anus and a vulva. Their early material contained no written lyrics, but their later work is lyrically very offensive to many. Anal Cunt's lyrical subject matter predominantly includes homophobia, misogyny, anti-semitism, and hatred in general. This band rules!!! I fucking love them!!

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