Tuesday, September 23, 2008

3 hours in Singapore....

today i'm so fucked up boring and self-financed myself go to Singapore for 3 hours? haha.. time too short but who cares? i enjoy it... !!rather go for instant 3 hours there than sit waiting like shit in my house in jb, better i go for a trip and journal myself.... i'm so lucky and got an opportunity to see F1 racing team(some of the cars) and to Mr Jake(Sickness)i fucking hold picture vinyl of nightwish, dude!!! haha!! fucking limited edition!! and got myself of Capitalist Casualties cd and new Motley Crue cd, fucking ace!!! oh yeah! its just a 3 hours, what do you expect then...? maybe next trip should be more story....hehe yo mr Amir, when you want to join my trip to Singapore....?

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