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Interview with Sickness

Kluang only gore grind band.... this interview was done via email with the frontman, Jake or well known as Papa Grind (he he he) the band don't give any of band photo due to their busy life in shooting sessions in Puteri TV series that appear almost every nite in TV3..(Mr Saha- have you check this TV series out dude!! A Must!! same goes to Mr Amir....)enjoy the interview and wait for their new hits from their upcoming split CD....opsss(17august2008)they finally give us their rare footage photo circa era 95,96,old line up and the new line up(2008)...dude...i saw Anal Cunt's Drummer posed as a second guitarist??!! what the hell? and our favourite guitar hero of all time - Mr Baba is in da house too!! hehe let's Mr Jake grind yer mind....!

Hello dude! How are you? How’s life? Please tell me something about Sickness? the current line up? what is your purpose as a band? How this band get together? What’s the reason for starting a band in the first place? What do you hope to accomplish? What do u do beside playing in a band? How many releases you have so far? How long as you been in the scene? Do you happy with it? Or you just bored and disillusioned? Or maybe u wanna jump off from the scene and start a new trend hype?hehe or maybe you guys wanna do a shuffle?hehe…. What are the bands, zines, book, model, (perhaps supermodel?), community, TV etc that damn give impact to you(influences)?
I’m fine as always. Life’s been OK but still shitty at workplace..ha!..ha!...SICKNESS been around since ’95 due to our excitement of intense music. We’re just a small band from a small town. Current line-up of SICKNESS is my two friends that I’ve met (Aizal – bass & Fad – drums) in JB during jamming sessions and almost immediately hook them up to join SICKNESS. Our purpose is just keeping the ‘real’ grind scene alive which SICKNESS started 13 years ago. The only accomplishment that we want is recognition worldwide…as simple as that. Beside being in a band, I work in a small factory here in JB to finance my life because SICKNESS is still DIY band and not sold out yet!..ha!..ha!.
As for SICKNESS releases, most old materials such as the
rehearsal tape ’95, ‘Ulcerous Intestine’96 and ‘Faecal Disarticulation’’98 are not available anymore. So for those who still have ‘em, consider yourselves lucky!..ha!..ha!.. . The studio release tape ‘Empathological Excavations’ and a number of compilations are still available. Kindly please contact Own Control Records for the materials and upcoming stuffs.
I’ve been in the scene since my high school days where the scene was at it’s peak around 1988, since then until now. As for the scene, seriously there is no more scene now. It faded because it’s not ‘underground’ now. The scene was supposedly hard to detect and kept within the scene. And supposedly all DIY and supported among real scenesters. Most stuff is transparent on the web nowadays and too many copycat bands just to gain popularity. This hurts me and it’s not the spirit of underground. To me, the scene was dead years ago. No offense! SICKNESS is not trying to set a trend, since the beginning and till we putrify…ha!...ha!..we’ll still be the same.
SICKNESS is still inspired by gore and the only and true goregrind band was the legendary CARCASS. Just listen to their first two releases, pure gore! Forget about their ‘un-gore’ releases. SICKNESS shall continue what they’ve ended. Other band that inspired us include OLD LADY DRIVERS, ASSUCK, NAPALM DEATH, S.O.D, SLAYER and also NIRVANA! To name a few. Zines were (in those days) were METAL HAMMER, KERRANG, METALHEAD, GILA-GILA, UJANG etc.
Besides all these things, my inspiration/influences also comes from medical books(the subject attracts me). I also enjoy superhero movies,
Japan anime and hot & spicy foods!.ha!.ha!.

What do you think about DIY these day? Do you practice it especially in doing your music? I believe people who practice DIY ideology what to have absolutely 120% control on them and how far do you concern where your records will go especially in records store? distribution? wholesales etc.? Talking about communication, do you guys always communicate with other bands, people in and outside Kluang(hehehe) or maybe Malaysia? Do you do any feedback?
DIY these days are improved by a big factor which is technology. Back then in the 80’s & 90’s, there were no good tool for us to produce high quality materials. Kids these days have a big advantage in producing stuffs totally using computer technology…from designing artwork, recording, producing and even self printing. DIY today is much easier and less effort compared before the technology where only used tape for recording and designing artwork by hand. All bands including the legendary ones progressed with the technology and SICKNESS is no exception.
As for our music goes, SICKNESS doesn’t mind if we sell 10 copies or a million of ‘em, by DIY or distro, as long as we still love what we produce, we will always have our satisfaction.
Our communication with other is still strong between our hometown bands and as for outside hometown or the country, our communication is fading due to a lot of band is in hiatus or lost contact. Another problem is..we didn’t keep track…sorry guys! (I’m getting older!). For those out there who can’t directly contact us, please do through Own Control Records.

How do you define GRINDCORE? Is it really artful and meaningful to you? Is it a trend now? These day you can see a lot of music genre such as hardcore, punk, crust, fastcore, grindcore, noisecore ,powerviolence etc? which one to you is more have kick in the ass?! Describe your hometown….. heard from people, in early 90’s it’s a noise city!!! But it’s a underrated by so-called journalist, but who cares anyway? Any favourite spot to hang around? Best food, drink, or maybe red-light district there(hehehe)? Or maybe you want to share the history of your hometown to the readers? Tell me top 5 album/bands will changed your GRINDCORE life ? hehe
Not only Grindcore, Death, Punk, Hardcore, Emo etc..are all fine art to me and
I believe to all undergrounders worldwide. Let me tell you a thing, a lot of so called ‘high level’ or ‘mainstream’ people condemn intense underground music basically because they say is insanely loud or untalented musicians making noise! We can say the same thing to those fine art paintings which is to me is just untalented painter who can’t really paint by drawing scribbles and stupid lines. To them that’s art! Huh! What do they understand? We should decapitate their pruned genitals, mash them to a pulp and let themselves masticate their pungent corpulence!..ha!..ha!..gore!
If you ask me which genre has the most kick in the ass…well personally I’d say Thrash Metal! No band in the universe kick more asses than the immortal SLAYER!! (enough said!)
As for my hometown, in early ‘90s, it was grind/noise city of past era. Anyone who wants to know can find the info for themselves in the blogspot. To much to tell here. A small and quiet town but modest place to live. The best spots to hang around there is the railway station’s breakfast and dinner stalls. Killers!! They serve the best coffee, steamed buns/bread (breakfast in general) and the best fried rice I’ve ever tasted! Hot & spicy foods all the way! It’ll make your jugular veins incinerate and your intestines burst with pus!..ha!..ha!...gore!..
So you wanna know my top 5 grindcore albums that changed my Grindcore life? goes…

(i) CARCASS – Reek of Putrefaction

(ii) O.L.D – Old Lady Drivers

(iii) ASSUCK – Anticapital

(iv) EXIT 13 – An Unrequired Love of Chicken Soup

(v) NAPALM DEATH – Harmony Corruption

(Anyway…this is not my overall top 5 list…just top 5 grind albums of all time)

Last Question, is there any chance to see Sickness perform live in gig in near future? Tell me any old day Sickness’s gig? Do you happy with it? What bands do u like to share with in stage? Or maybe with Guns N Roses? Twisted Sister? Motley Crue? Or maybe Poison? Or maybe more old school New Kids On The Blocks?hehehe so what your future plans?any changes that you wanna see in Sickness thru 2009? Thanx bro for the time….see ya
SICKNESS would love to play gigs and it’s possible to see us play live. We’ll be glad to accept. SICKNESS been around for 13 years now and we’ve only played twice throughout our career! It’s true! The first was in Seremban in ’96 and the last one in JB around 2002 (I think). The most memorable gig was the first one where none had heard of us before (3 kids from a small town sharing stage with the nations other known bands). We were first to play and we brutally pounded the speakers! Man I tell you, the whole crowd that day cheered us and shouted not to stop (we had recorded the gig to prove…ha!..ha!..). The best
thing is, we had the whole support from my hometown boys where at that time, all Kluang scenesters/friends came down to that gig and gave us their full support! Thanks guys! rule!.. I’ll never forget you all…salute!..
The feedback I got after the gig was, all the bands that played after us had a hangover. Our tunes still plays in their heads after the gig was over. No joke. To all that was present that day…hope to meet you all again…
I don’t know with whom the other wants to play with, but I would certainly love to share stage with the legendary IRON MAIDEN! The first time I’ve heard them, they totally blew me away! Just listen to their first 7 albums and you’ll know what I mean, universally speaking. They are the reason I’ve picked up the guitar!...ha!..ha!... The other band is….the immortal SLAYER!!! No doubt they are the gods of metal!!! No fucking band in the whole fucking universe can touch them!...fearless man!
Future plans for SICKNESS is to record a full length and perhaps a discography(everybody been asking) probably in next year. I would like to do it earlier but due to my shitty work life…ha!...ha!... We hope can play more gigs in the future besides promoting our materials. SICKNESS will still be grinding and I’m not planning to stop what I’ve started. Well…we have to stay true to ourselves and not fucking popularity (big words huh!)

Lastly, thanks for the interview bro! Glad to chat with you…


JAKE (Sickness)

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