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Interview with Guitarist 'Auta' - Mr Baba

well....this one is so fucking different....this is the first time in my life that i fuckin interview one gifted intelligent individual... that never appear in my old fanzine before... what the hell...i miss out this freaking tremendous person!! this dude never have any steady bands(or maybe just join the band for fun or maybe like to ruin or self-destruct the band itself....)as far as i concerned, this guy used to be famous and well known as his part for session guitarist (please check the credits or maybe thanx lists of band's inlay cds, dude) for Doom, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sodom, Pantera, Fugazi,Terrorizer, Morbid Angel, Alleycats, Yusni Jaafar, Hamid Gurkha,Azwan Haji Ali, Nash Lefthanded to name a few.. so sit tight, eat your pop corn and enjoy this interview...
1)hi there, Mr Baba how are you? How’s life? any introduction...What is your history, mind to tell me what bands that you used to involve in? When young musicians start playing extreme metal, they have easy choice what bands should be their influences. Extreme metal in different forms has been playing for two decades therefore one can find hundreds bands that could inspire to play death metal or grind-core. I wonder what bands were inspirations for you. Why did you decide to play so violent music at time when it wasn't popular at all(and hell! Now its a hype and fuckin popular, hehe)? And I we all grow old and get bored…maybe one day u wanna changed to new hype in town, maybe u wanna be ‘budak shuffle’?? ANSWER!! Asalamualaikum Zuhree.and hi..i’m fine and good..thanx.Its been a year and a month I’ve married..very happy with my life.i’m 34 years old still available (for another one..our quota is 4 anyway..bwahahahah)well to begin the story, I start hearing rock stuff,mainly possested by my ROCK cousin that I call Abg Lat (he have a group name Anak Adam)..for the first time I listen to DIO,Deep Purple,Metallica,Slayer,Iron Maiden,Led Zapplin(I just like 1 song only..hahahah)Rising Force(Yngwie James Malmsteen-OMG his an Arpeggio From Hell),Loudness,Black Sabbath, Motley Crew,Poison Ratt..including local band- Rusty Blade, Sweet charity,Search,Burnmarks and etc(it’s a long list okay..)wow..damn they are good..i feel the spirit and excitement of ROCK FORCE! I still remember I wanna buy a Rock Album: SEARCH- Cinta Buatan Malaysia.(Fuckin Rock Dude!!)their frst debut.How to seek money? Yeah..hahahah..!! 1) Gather all bottles around my house and my friends house. 2) Went to other peoples house..pretend to seek spider under the pandan or bunga raya leaves.. “kelepet” the bottles and kerosine tin (big one) 3) Sell it to apek “botot”..if u ask oldskull people of kampung melayu they know the sound of apek “Botot”..and believe it or not I miss the “BOTOT….BOTOT…” bottle we can easily get around 5 or 10 sen at that time…Errr cassette price at that time is about MYR 9.00 only if i’m not mistake
My friend(name is secret..awwww)lend me some stuff, as I remember he lend me SODOM- Persecution Mania,Mortal Way of Life and Agent Orange,Kreator,Sacred Reich.I addicted to the music and try to seek more..One day i went out and meet a circle of friend Amir,Obet,Azam,Zuhree( that time just a teenager and cute guy like Dylan aka luke perry in Beverly Hills 90210 tv sitcom..hahahah),Kerang,Kahar,Wan Sepat.Haimie,Jake,Azrin and etc name that cant remember but still know the face if I saw them,from them I learn and hear the extreme music.FYI I’m a very good kid at that time, Before maghrib I sure go home…hahaha but I just hang out with the guys only for quite sometime..hahahaha busy with work actually eventhough on Sunday I work(OT meh!)There is one song dedicated to me by 240 NoiseVolts-Only Bastard Works on Sunday!!(lol).. My first band is SICKNESS- original line up are Me(Baba)-Guitar, Jake “The Ripper”-Bass&Vox, Azrin-Drum&Backing Vox.After that I join a project band called Bombshell- Amir-Guitar/vox, Raof-guitar,Suren-guitar/vox and Baba(Me)Bass/vox and then 240 NoiseVolts – A Grind/Noise band..we don’t care what people says about our music… It’s Fun,Noisy,Grinding and hell yeah we are a Rockstar and Glam!!!
Band That Inspired Me just a few to stated here.. SODOM-(Can you hear my guitar sound like!!!!),Napalm Death, Bolthrower, OLD, Dismember, Filthy christian,Terrorizer,Carcass,Entombed,Hellguard,Increases Noise, Infectious Maggots,Fear Factory,Suffocation,Spazztic Blurr, Repulsion, Godflesh and some hardcore bands. hahahah I feel that its really fun and energetic to play ,you can feel the soul and spirit in the music itself..actually only “NOISE” people can understand it..hahahahha..and yes we grow old and and sometime got bored with what we doing…but the most important thing is “Don’t Lost Your Spirit”, know who you are, Don’t forget your root..Music is universal and versatile bro and surely I wont be the “I-POD SHUFFLE”..muahahahahahhaa 2)Since you are self proclaimed “the old timer of the century” what’s your view on “Many things have changed in death metal and grind-core since 80's, but I think that most significant change is sound. There are much better studios now and the sound is definitely different. Technology of recording has changed revolutionarily. One can wonder, however, if it is a change for better as machines make music less human.” What do you think of this problem? Answer Wooooohoooo hooooo…I’m not an old timer bro..please..just an old junk and scraps…hahahahahha….yeap change is good..nowdays the music have their own facelift and grown widely..using machines is like an enhancement to the music itself but it still can’t beat a “Human Touch”..hahah feeling more likely..
3)some people said you are loser in Guitar world but some people said you are guitar hero!!(like Mr Saha a.k.a Anal Cunt’s Drummer said before)so tell me your 5 Guitar Heroes all time….. what do you think of this our local and domestic guitarist Yeap that’s true.. I’m a looser in guitar world, only know some basic codes (A.B.C.D.E.F.G and minors+Flat..thats all)i just play for fun only but sometime its annoying isn’t it!!! Buarkahhahahahah sorry guys!!! Guitar Heroes ehh well…. 1. Hillary Ang – SEARCH (old) 2. Dino Cazares- Fear Factory 3. Bill Steer – Carcass 4. Diamond Darrel (RIP)- Pantera 5. Dave Mustaine – Megadeth Wow what a superb Guitar Hero in my list..I wonder why I cant be like them ehh…peeetttttttt!!! Coz I’m a lazy bastard dude! 1)Eddy- Multi talented,Great Tone, Sound and know what his doing.Former guitarist for unveiled a good friend of mine.Give him a Slim Fit jeans and he will be a ROCK KAPAKER!!! 2)Jake- My former Bass/vox in sickness, (great vocal dude), a friend of mine but sometime annoying (the Ripping part..waahahaha) and errr one more thing that I always want to shout at him- “PLEASE BALANCE OUT YOUR GUITAR VOLUME AS WE CAN HEAR HARMONIC GUITAR SOUND DUDE!!!” 3)Amir – Multi talented,Great tone and sound -old school death metal/Grind, my blood brother, stubborn old man he is (like YODA voice briefing to his new Jedi!).his one Faction with me in text based game TORNCITY A guitarist for 240 NoiseVolts. 4)Obet- Errr…old punk sound+some metal punching..perghhh..sometime sound like dangdut.hahahahah.but he have his own sound.Sometime a bit “auta” like me.My good friend and at school they called him “BEDUL”..I married to him in a text based game TORNCITY
5)Syed Shafiq Bin Syed Salleh-Hahahaha his vocal great and sometime play bass guitar aaaa as I remember he always play “I will survive”..indeed he is made from SYED!!!(certain people know what I mean)A good friend of mine. And if I went back to kluang I still hang out with them! Any Drummer you like? Give me your top 5 drummers(is it includes Mr Saha from Anal Cunt? Hehe 1.Pete Sandoval- Terrorizer 2.Ken Owen- Carcass 3.Vinnie paul-Pantera 4.Christ Witchunter – Sodom 5.Raymond Herrera- Fear Factory Oh Mr saha..he is the top drummer as well but more likely in other numbers…heheheh 4)originally you are from Kluang…. so how life in Kluang? How’s the weather? All the culture, food, people Any favourite spot/ place to hang around? any good spot to eat? Any classic evergreen place that u want to share to the readers? Any red light district? So how about the scene? Any bands worthwhile to check out? Any tips? Talking about communication, do you guys always communicate with other bands, people in and outside Kluang? Do you do any feedback? Heard from a friend, beside playing guitar, you also known as English translator , “tukang masak” or chef, satanic worshipper, computer freak, games freak, music lover! Porn lover! etcetc damn! (You are so gifted and talent, dude!) so how do you divide yourself into those kind of activities? Life is cool and peace in kluang..the weather sometime give me a heart attack when i saw the “GUNUNG LAMBAK” covered with Black Cloud…”BANJIRRRRRRRR” means flood again but not now…kluang town rapidly you all know more shopping complex, there will be more Mat/Minah Rempit, Mat/Minah Shuffle, Mat/Minah Fesyen, Mat/Minah long as they don’t bother your life it doesn’t matter but always they are annoying (Mat Rempit..hahahahha).My favorite spot to hang out are at Mak Yah’s House,Harith Internet CafĂ©(our club house..heheh),Stesyen Keretapi Kluang-Great cofee plus old school environment and BARATHA BAVAAN-Classic “PRATHA” with awesome DHALL+CURRY kickin your butt! The food is quite simple actually…wether you want western or eastern or local you can get it easier. I know a great seafood in town its called PALM GARDEN SEAFOOD RESTAURANT near Sekolah Chong Hwa, their speciality is BLACK PEPPER MUD CRAB,affortable and damn it taste really good,as you finished your dinner with it you still can feel the strong taste of black pepper in your mouth and stomach!!! There are many variety of foods there and you can choose or you can ask for custom cooked that they don’t even put it in the menu!A food you must try!Previous time yes I have some contact and bands outside but I’m slowing down coz busy with works and others.hahahahha PORN LOVER dude I like that…by the way who rank me?My idn in PORN SCENE is RON JEREMY! Hahahahah..nowdays I merely busy and consentrate on my work but during my off day, I will do the activities listed.i love give me peacefull actually..seeing fresh food cooks..smell it bro can you imagine that!!!!Sometime i went to my “Mak Mertua” house to cooks..hahahaha..yeah bro if I have time we will do our old at your home!!! 5)Top 5 all time albums/bands ……? Last question… How do you define love and happiness? Do you believe in love? hehe Do you agree that love can make people’s life valuable and it also reflect to make people’s life miserable? hehe is it enough of it in this world or am I blind enough to see and forgetting that so much shit happened all over he world? Any last words, what would you like to see changing in 2008/2009? thanx for the time bro…keep on grinding…! And keep on auta…. See ya Top 5 all time albums/bands 1. Napalm Death –From Enslavemet To obliteration 2. Sodom – Agent Orange 3. Tiamat- Cloud 4. Carcass- Reek Of Putrefaction 5. O.L.D –Old Lady Drivers For me Love and happiness is a deep and enduring emotional, its an expression regarding to came from your heart and purity mind also depends on what you desire most,love can be a positive way of life and sometime it kills you! In the other hand is how you manage your love.Love to your parents,relatives,friends&foe,girlfriend/boyfriend,your wife,Musics etc.Each love is different..treat it well and think before you act!Do not let Love control you but you control your love! Thanx for the interview Zuhree and see ya at hometown…hahahah, to Anal Cunt Drummer Mr Saha thankx for the for my friend/Blood brother out there keep on real and you know who you for the blog reader..happy reading

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