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Interview with 240 Noise Volts

This is our local grind heroes...hail from noisecore city, the line up includes one of the best english translator in the world(but now he is still in Australia for holiday purpose... he he he), etcetc last time, this band used to share stage with Dahmer(Canada), Hellnation(USA), Motley Crue(USA), 324(Japan), W.A.S.P(USA), Slayer(USA), Harun Salim Bachik (Msia), Najip Ali(Spore) and tons more dude...the lists still goes on... nevermind the Sex Pistols, here come 240 Noise Volts..... enjoy!

1)hi Mr Amir…. Here we go with simple interview, so we are not having all the headache all the way thru the interview….what’s up? how life? How the weather ? any introduction from you, your bands etc..? what 240 Noise Volts means after all? It’s a grindnoise band or maybe a boys band….? Hehe I been tracking your bands kinda like from late 90’s, do you guys feel bored, jaded or maybe disillusioned with the same direction? Or you wanna changed the direction? Maybe want to add background dancer? Or maybe shuffle stuff in your grindcore element recipes?

Answer: Hi back Zuhree!! First of all I would like to say SORRY for my humble English… and as a usual, nothing much from me.. life is much more complicated then the old days.
Tonight, (morning actually!) the weather is quite good at the outside. the wall fan keep spinning as usual feeling a bit sleepy.. and my lappy start releasing some heat form the hard disk drive.
Okay here we go, hi to all this is Amir from Kluang Johor, West Malaysia. Im 35 male and still single
and available. As for the old days some friends know me as a guitar player for 240 Noise Volts, Increases Noise (R.I.P) and drummer in a Punk band called Distrust Is Abuse (R.I.P).
Around mid 1996 me, Baba, Jake, Unta and Azrin formed a grind band for fun and we started it as a project between Increases Noise, Distrust Is Abuse and Sickness. It just an easy and simple grind/noise band there’s nothing special about it.
At first start, the band has no name and if not mistaken Baba and Jake came with a name “240 NOISE VOLTS” and it sound something silly, stupid, untalented, Rockstar, Pornstar and a bit disturbing but for sure its nothing to do with T.N.B and their electric! We all agree to use the name as our “untalented” bands name.
Yeah we started as a grind/noise band! After involved with some problem we changed our music style and played grindcore in our 1st demo. Now planning to change it back to our first started.

2)the influences?
Answer: We do have influences but it’s easy if I say our influences come from some old and new grind/noise bands. To name a few Infectious Maggots, O.L.D, Dahmer and so on.

3)Top 5 Albums/Bands? And why, dude…..?
Answer: Too many bands to list here but here are some of my fav albums/bands.
1. Discography CD - Dahmer
Dahmer is my all time fav.. To tell you the truth I always wanted to play and sound like them hahaha!! Shame on me.. but that’s the true bud. Dahmer always killing me with their killer blast and er.. enough if I say… their beautiful sound!! DAHMER = GRINDCORE, GRINDCORE = is an ART.

2. EP 2002 - Captain Cleanoff
What did you expect?? King of grind from Australia! I love this band so much. Looking forward to see them live. (Tell Saha the band is not shit enough to using the fuckin drum machine haha!)

3. 7” 1994 – Disprove
Nothing much just a simple and yet interesting Punk band from Japan.

4. Deep Within Our Grief Factory Milk Runs Red – Infectious Maggots
The best grind/industrial/noise band from our local scene!! One of my all time fav and they influenced me a lot!

5. Come get some EP – Neuropathia
A grind/noise from Poland that give me more power to continue what I’ve played 15 years a go. Always wanted to form a band like Neuropathia.

4)Top 5 Supermodels or maybe Top 5 idols?
Answer: Here comes the harder questions… but I’ll try my best.
1. Fasha Sandha (My supermodel)
2. Siti Nurhaliza (My supermodel)
3. Salleh Yackob (idol)
4. Herman Li (idol)
5. Phil Anselmo (idol)

5)what do you think about this local comrades…..
a)Mr Payung
b)Mr Man Unta
c)Mr Saha aka Anal Cunt’s drummer
d)Mr Baba aka English Translator
e)Mr Obet

Answer: Will answer and make it as short as I can.
Mr. Payung @ Shah my partner in crime while playing Neopets and we still hang out almost everyday.
Man Unta, know him since he still schooling and he is my vocalist and a good friend.
Saha, an old friend with an attitude! And for sure he hate drum machine… I bet one day he will love it. Come on bud.. give it a try!! Drum machine is not that hard!!
Baba is my vox, bassist, good friend and my blood brother and sometimes annoying!!
Obit my first band mates in Hellguard and Increases Noise! Yeah we still hang out till today.

6)Top 5 guitarist or maybe Top 5 Drummer…..
Answer: I always go for musician but almost cannot think about it right now coz too many of them. Well for now only these names pop out from my mind!!!
1. Herman Li - guitarist from DragonForce
2. Sam Totman - guitarist from DragonForce
3. Fred - guitar from Dahmer
4. Jesper Stromblad - guitarist from In Flames
5. Vinnie Paul - drummer from Pantera

7)Do you like your hometown? How about the life you been thru in there daily….? Do the chicks kicking ass? Do the food awesome? How about local mate that you have there.. do you guys heavily hang around? Besides, playing in the band….i heard from a friend(in fact, he is playing with Anal Cunt as drummer)he told me that you active in friendster…?is it truth? Hehe or maybe you have any other activities that u been involved?
Answer: Yeah I love Kluang very much although sometimes I feel quite lonely and boring here. We have the best fishing spot around Kahang, Gunung Lambak Recreational Park, Gunung Berlumut Recreational Park, Tasik Majlis (Oops I did it again!) and many more. So come here and be the one who first come to Kluang! We also can offer you some chicks from those Mat Rempit gang (belanja alur bontot) you just name it!
Chicks here were more into “Rempit” and stuff and yes some of them always kicking my butt, but as I “cannot make it”, and I only have an original Kriss (Kriss - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modenas) that
mean im not into the scene so NO REMPIT means no chick for me! It’s unfair! (Rempit - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mat_Rempit).
Yeahhh… the food was excellent! Just name it and we got it!
I have tons of friends here, as I know many of them are good and honest (not including “Pisang”). Some of them even closed, and we are like a one happy family.
Hahaha… sorry I have no Friendster and its not even suite me! You should tell the dude (Saha the drum machine basher!) that I could sign up a Friendster account for him for fuckin FREE! Yes Im into computers a lot and also addicted to Torncity (http://Torncity.com) text base online game.

8)Last words….what next that we can expected from 240 Noise Volts? Any kicking ass material? Or just a decoy(I heard this word somewhere….)? thanx dude for the time and interview….hail 240 Noise Volts!
Answer: Please don’t expect anything from 240 Noise Volts because we are not active right now and still looking for replacement with the missing line up. Too many problems to solve… still hoping we can release something in the future (hope so!). Thanks Zuhree for the questions and more power with your blog!

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