Monday, August 4, 2008


We proudly announce that our upcoming tshirt – 240 NOISE VOLTS will release soon in near future, just received the artwork MASTER CD this evening from the frontman, Mr Amir… the tshirt will be in simple and oldschool design…. No need any skeleton, satan, war, guns, atomic bombs, naked girls, brad pit, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Chuck Norris, Hail Amir, Awie, Budak Shuffle, Guns N Roses, Twisted Sister, Hanoi Rock, ghost, AR Badul picture etcetc to represent the tshirt…. So we will make it a surprise until the tshirt released itself… On plan, we gonna make it into 3 colours( the colour we still don’t decide it yet, depend on the factory… what colour that they have in stocks but the size will be available from M size to XXXL size)so boys and girls fucking grab it, pre-order it, book it, etc this tshirt confirm will be in 30 pcs limited all around the world…the price for single tshirt we also didn’t confirm it yet…depend on the cost of you will know the drills….!!

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