Tuesday, August 26, 2008

240 Noise Volts t-shirt released!!

"gerek sial!!" this is the first words that i said when i saw the shirts in the factory... proud to said that for the first day the shirt released, i only have 16more tshirt available(out of 30 pieces) 14 pieces been sold(includes some free copies/band royalty) even Mr Baba from Pantera the first Australian citizen who transfer RM25 to my maybank account for his size tshirt(fucking xxxl) thanx dude...and for size xxxl - all sold out!! all been swiped off by all sumo wrestlers in kluang.....oh my god!! well for 16 more tshirt that still available will be divided into: Size M - Navy(with red dye design) qty:1 , Size L - Light Green(with black dye design) qty: 4 , Light Blue(with white dye design) qty:4 , Navy(with red dye design) qty:5 , Size XL - Light Green(with black dye design) qty:1 , Size XXL - Light Green(with black dye design) qty:1 price:rm25(malaysia)- by hand usd10(world) so what are you waiting for? go fucking grab it!! damn rare tshirt only 30pcs all over the world...first comes first serves, so local hometown mates, meet us when we are in hometown...like Mr Saha from Anal Cunt said "we are coolest kids will hang out at coolest place"... there's more surprise bands tshirt coming soon....

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