Tuesday, August 26, 2008

240 Noise Volts t-shirt released!!

"gerek sial!!" this is the first words that i said when i saw the shirts in the factory... proud to said that for the first day the shirt released, i only have 16more tshirt available(out of 30 pieces) 14 pieces been sold(includes some free copies/band royalty) even Mr Baba from Pantera the first Australian citizen who transfer RM25 to my maybank account for his size tshirt(fucking xxxl) thanx dude...and for size xxxl - all sold out!! all been swiped off by all sumo wrestlers in kluang.....oh my god!! well for 16 more tshirt that still available will be divided into: Size M - Navy(with red dye design) qty:1 , Size L - Light Green(with black dye design) qty: 4 , Light Blue(with white dye design) qty:4 , Navy(with red dye design) qty:5 , Size XL - Light Green(with black dye design) qty:1 , Size XXL - Light Green(with black dye design) qty:1 price:rm25(malaysia)- by hand usd10(world) so what are you waiting for? go fucking grab it!! damn rare tshirt only 30pcs all over the world...first comes first serves, so local hometown mates, meet us when we are in hometown...like Mr Saha from Anal Cunt said "we are coolest kids will hang out at coolest place"... there's more surprise bands tshirt coming soon....

Friday, August 15, 2008

Interview with Guitarist 'Auta' - Mr Baba

well....this one is so fucking different....this is the first time in my life that i fuckin interview one gifted intelligent individual... that never appear in my old fanzine before... what the hell...i miss out this freaking tremendous person!! this dude never have any steady bands(or maybe just join the band for fun or maybe like to ruin or self-destruct the band itself....)as far as i concerned, this guy used to be famous and well known as his part for session guitarist (please check the credits or maybe thanx lists of band's inlay cds, dude) for Doom, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sodom, Pantera, Fugazi,Terrorizer, Morbid Angel, Alleycats, Yusni Jaafar, Hamid Gurkha,Azwan Haji Ali, Nash Lefthanded to name a few.. so sit tight, eat your pop corn and enjoy this interview...
1)hi there, Mr Baba how are you? How’s life? any introduction...What is your history, mind to tell me what bands that you used to involve in? When young musicians start playing extreme metal, they have easy choice what bands should be their influences. Extreme metal in different forms has been playing for two decades therefore one can find hundreds bands that could inspire to play death metal or grind-core. I wonder what bands were inspirations for you. Why did you decide to play so violent music at time when it wasn't popular at all(and hell! Now its a hype and fuckin popular, hehe)? And I we all grow old and get bored…maybe one day u wanna changed to new hype in town, maybe u wanna be ‘budak shuffle’?? ANSWER!! Asalamualaikum Zuhree.and hi..i’m fine and good..thanx.Its been a year and a month I’ve married..very happy with my life.i’m 34 years old still available (for another one..our quota is 4 anyway..bwahahahah)well to begin the story, I start hearing rock stuff,mainly possested by my ROCK cousin that I call Abg Lat (he have a group name Anak Adam)..for the first time I listen to DIO,Deep Purple,Metallica,Slayer,Iron Maiden,Led Zapplin(I just like 1 song only..hahahah)Rising Force(Yngwie James Malmsteen-OMG his an Arpeggio From Hell),Loudness,Black Sabbath, Motley Crew,Poison Ratt..including local band- Rusty Blade, Sweet charity,Search,Burnmarks and etc(it’s a long list okay..)wow..damn they are good..i feel the spirit and excitement of ROCK FORCE! I still remember I wanna buy a Rock Album: SEARCH- Cinta Buatan Malaysia.(Fuckin Rock Dude!!)their frst debut.How to seek money? Yeah..hahahah..!! 1) Gather all bottles around my house and my friends house. 2) Went to other peoples house..pretend to seek spider under the pandan or bunga raya leaves.. “kelepet” the bottles and kerosine tin (big one) 3) Sell it to apek “botot”..if u ask oldskull people of kampung melayu they know the sound of apek “Botot”..and believe it or not I miss the “BOTOT….BOTOT…” sound..one bottle we can easily get around 5 or 10 sen at that time…Errr cassette price at that time is about MYR 9.00 only if i’m not mistake
My friend(name is secret..awwww)lend me some stuff, as I remember he lend me SODOM- Persecution Mania,Mortal Way of Life and Agent Orange,Kreator,Sacred Reich.I addicted to the music and try to seek more..One day i went out and meet a circle of friend Amir,Obet,Azam,Zuhree(you..at that time just a teenager and cute guy like Dylan aka luke perry in Beverly Hills 90210 tv sitcom..hahahah),Kerang,Kahar,Wan Sepat.Haimie,Jake,Azrin and etc name that cant remember but still know the face if I saw them,from them I learn and hear the extreme music.FYI I’m a very good kid at that time, Before maghrib I sure go home…hahaha but I just hang out with the guys only for quite sometime..hahahaha busy with work actually eventhough on Sunday I work(OT meh!)There is one song dedicated to me by 240 NoiseVolts-Only Bastard Works on Sunday!!(lol).. My first band is SICKNESS- original line up are Me(Baba)-Guitar, Jake “The Ripper”-Bass&Vox, Azrin-Drum&Backing Vox.After that I join a project band called Bombshell- Amir-Guitar/vox, Raof-guitar,Suren-guitar/vox and Baba(Me)Bass/vox and then 240 NoiseVolts – A Grind/Noise band..we don’t care what people says about our music… It’s Fun,Noisy,Grinding and hell yeah we are a Rockstar and Glam!!!
Band That Inspired Me just a few to stated here.. SODOM-(Can you hear my guitar sound like!!!!),Napalm Death, Bolthrower, OLD, Dismember, Filthy christian,Terrorizer,Carcass,Entombed,Hellguard,Increases Noise, Infectious Maggots,Fear Factory,Suffocation,Spazztic Blurr, Repulsion, Godflesh and some hardcore bands. hahahah I feel that its really fun and energetic to play ,you can feel the soul and spirit in the music itself..actually only “NOISE” people can understand it..hahahahha..and yes we grow old and and sometime got bored with what we doing…but the most important thing is “Don’t Lost Your Spirit”, know who you are, Don’t forget your root..Music is universal and versatile bro and surely I wont be the “I-POD SHUFFLE”..muahahahahahhaa 2)Since you are self proclaimed “the old timer of the century” what’s your view on “Many things have changed in death metal and grind-core since 80's, but I think that most significant change is sound. There are much better studios now and the sound is definitely different. Technology of recording has changed revolutionarily. One can wonder, however, if it is a change for better as machines make music less human.” What do you think of this problem? Answer Wooooohoooo hooooo…I’m not an old timer bro..please..just an old junk and scraps…hahahahahha….yeap change is good..nowdays the music have their own facelift and grown widely..using machines is like an enhancement to the music itself but it still can’t beat a “Human Touch”..hahah feeling more likely..
3)some people said you are loser in Guitar world but some people said you are guitar hero!!(like Mr Saha a.k.a Anal Cunt’s Drummer said before)so tell me your 5 Guitar Heroes all time….. what do you think of this our local and domestic guitarist Yeap that’s true.. I’m a looser in guitar world, only know some basic codes (A.B.C.D.E.F.G and minors+Flat..thats all)i just play for fun only but sometime its annoying isn’t it!!! Buarkahhahahahah sorry guys!!! Guitar Heroes ehh well…. 1. Hillary Ang – SEARCH (old) 2. Dino Cazares- Fear Factory 3. Bill Steer – Carcass 4. Diamond Darrel (RIP)- Pantera 5. Dave Mustaine – Megadeth Wow what a superb Guitar Hero in my list..I wonder why I cant be like them ehh…peeetttttttt!!! Coz I’m a lazy bastard dude! 1)Eddy- Multi talented,Great Tone, Sound and know what his doing.Former guitarist for unveiled a good friend of mine.Give him a Slim Fit jeans and he will be a ROCK KAPAKER!!! 2)Jake- My former Bass/vox in sickness, (great vocal dude), a friend of mine but sometime annoying (the Ripping part..waahahaha) and errr one more thing that I always want to shout at him- “PLEASE BALANCE OUT YOUR GUITAR VOLUME AS WE CAN HEAR HARMONIC GUITAR SOUND DUDE!!!” 3)Amir – Multi talented,Great tone and sound -old school death metal/Grind, my blood brother, stubborn old man he is (like YODA voice briefing to his new Jedi!).his one Faction with me in text based game TORNCITY A guitarist for 240 NoiseVolts. 4)Obet- Errr…old punk sound+some metal punching..perghhh..sometime sound like dangdut.hahahahah.but he have his own sound.Sometime a bit “auta” like me.My good friend and at school they called him “BEDUL”..I married to him in a text based game TORNCITY
5)Syed Shafiq Bin Syed Salleh-Hahahaha his vocal great and sometime play bass guitar aaaa as I remember he always play “I will survive”..indeed he is made from SYED!!!(certain people know what I mean)A good friend of mine. And if I went back to kluang I still hang out with them! Any Drummer you like? Give me your top 5 drummers(is it includes Mr Saha from Anal Cunt? Hehe 1.Pete Sandoval- Terrorizer 2.Ken Owen- Carcass 3.Vinnie paul-Pantera 4.Christ Witchunter – Sodom 5.Raymond Herrera- Fear Factory Oh Mr saha..he is the top drummer as well but more likely in other numbers…heheheh 4)originally you are from Kluang…. so how life in Kluang? How’s the weather? All the culture, food, people Any favourite spot/ place to hang around? any good spot to eat? Any classic evergreen place that u want to share to the readers? Any red light district? So how about the scene? Any bands worthwhile to check out? Any tips? Talking about communication, do you guys always communicate with other bands, people in and outside Kluang? Do you do any feedback? Heard from a friend, beside playing guitar, you also known as English translator , “tukang masak” or chef, satanic worshipper, computer freak, games freak, music lover! Porn lover! etcetc damn! (You are so gifted and talent, dude!) so how do you divide yourself into those kind of activities? Life is cool and peace in kluang..the weather sometime give me a heart attack when i saw the “GUNUNG LAMBAK” covered with Black Cloud…”BANJIRRRRRRRR” means flood again but not now…kluang town rapidly developing..as you all know more shopping complex, there will be more Mat/Minah Rempit, Mat/Minah Shuffle, Mat/Minah Fesyen, Mat/Minah Scooter..as long as they don’t bother your life it doesn’t matter but always they are annoying (Mat Rempit..hahahahha).My favorite spot to hang out are at Mak Yah’s House,Harith Internet Café(our club house..heheh),Stesyen Keretapi Kluang-Great cofee plus old school environment and BARATHA BAVAAN-Classic “PRATHA” with awesome DHALL+CURRY kickin your butt! The food is quite simple actually…wether you want western or eastern or local you can get it easier. I know a great seafood in town its called PALM GARDEN SEAFOOD RESTAURANT near Sekolah Chong Hwa, their speciality is BLACK PEPPER MUD CRAB,affortable and damn it taste really good,as you finished your dinner with it you still can feel the strong taste of black pepper in your mouth and stomach!!! There are many variety of foods there and you can choose or you can ask for custom cooked that they don’t even put it in the menu!A food you must try!Previous time yes I have some contact and bands outside but I’m slowing down coz busy with works and others.hahahahha PORN LOVER dude I like that…by the way who rank me?My idn in PORN SCENE is RON JEREMY! Hahahahah..nowdays I merely busy and consentrate on my work but during my off day, I will do the activities listed.i love cooking..it give me peacefull actually..seeing fresh food cooks..smell it bro can you imagine that!!!!Sometime i went to my “Mak Mertua” house to cooks..hahahaha..yeah bro if I have time we will do our old activities..cooking at your home!!! 5)Top 5 all time albums/bands ……? Last question… How do you define love and happiness? Do you believe in love? hehe Do you agree that love can make people’s life valuable and it also reflect to make people’s life miserable? hehe is it enough of it in this world or am I blind enough to see and forgetting that so much shit happened all over he world? Any last words, what would you like to see changing in 2008/2009? thanx for the time bro…keep on grinding…! And keep on auta…. See ya Top 5 all time albums/bands 1. Napalm Death –From Enslavemet To obliteration 2. Sodom – Agent Orange 3. Tiamat- Cloud 4. Carcass- Reek Of Putrefaction 5. O.L.D –Old Lady Drivers For me Love and happiness is a deep and enduring emotional, its an expression regarding to something..it came from your heart and purity mind also depends on what you desire most,love can be a positive way of life and sometime it kills you! In the other hand is how you manage your love.Love to your parents,relatives,friends&foe,girlfriend/boyfriend,your wife,Musics etc.Each love is different..treat it well and think before you act!Do not let Love control you but you control your love! Thanx for the interview Zuhree and see ya at hometown…hahahah, to Anal Cunt Drummer Mr Saha thankx for the support..as for my friend/Blood brother out there keep on real and you know who you are..as for the blog reader..happy reading

Interview with Sickness

Kluang only gore grind band.... this interview was done via email with the frontman, Jake or well known as Papa Grind (he he he) the band don't give any of band photo due to their busy life in shooting sessions in Puteri TV series that appear almost every nite in TV3..(Mr Saha- have you check this TV series out dude!! A Must!! same goes to Mr Amir....)enjoy the interview and wait for their new hits from their upcoming split CD....opsss(17august2008)they finally give us their rare footage photo circa era 95,96,old line up and the new line up(2008)...dude...i saw Anal Cunt's Drummer posed as a second guitarist??!! what the hell? and our favourite guitar hero of all time - Mr Baba is in da house too!! hehe let's Mr Jake grind yer mind....!

Hello dude! How are you? How’s life? Please tell me something about Sickness? the current line up? what is your purpose as a band? How this band get together? What’s the reason for starting a band in the first place? What do you hope to accomplish? What do u do beside playing in a band? How many releases you have so far? How long as you been in the scene? Do you happy with it? Or you just bored and disillusioned? Or maybe u wanna jump off from the scene and start a new trend hype?hehe or maybe you guys wanna do a shuffle?hehe…. What are the bands, zines, book, model, (perhaps supermodel?), community, TV etc that damn give impact to you(influences)?
I’m fine as always. Life’s been OK but still shitty at workplace..ha!..ha!...SICKNESS been around since ’95 due to our excitement of intense music. We’re just a small band from a small town. Current line-up of SICKNESS is my two friends that I’ve met (Aizal – bass & Fad – drums) in JB during jamming sessions and almost immediately hook them up to join SICKNESS. Our purpose is just keeping the ‘real’ grind scene alive which SICKNESS started 13 years ago. The only accomplishment that we want is recognition worldwide…as simple as that. Beside being in a band, I work in a small factory here in JB to finance my life because SICKNESS is still DIY band and not sold out yet!..ha!..ha!.
As for SICKNESS releases, most old materials such as the
rehearsal tape ’95, ‘Ulcerous Intestine’96 and ‘Faecal Disarticulation’’98 are not available anymore. So for those who still have ‘em, consider yourselves lucky!..ha!..ha!.. . The studio release tape ‘Empathological Excavations’ and a number of compilations are still available. Kindly please contact Own Control Records for the materials and upcoming stuffs.
I’ve been in the scene since my high school days where the scene was at it’s peak around 1988, since then until now. As for the scene, seriously there is no more scene now. It faded because it’s not ‘underground’ now. The scene was supposedly hard to detect and kept within the scene. And supposedly all DIY and supported among real scenesters. Most stuff is transparent on the web nowadays and too many copycat bands just to gain popularity. This hurts me and it’s not the spirit of underground. To me, the scene was dead years ago. No offense! SICKNESS is not trying to set a trend, since the beginning and till we putrify…ha!...ha!..we’ll still be the same.
SICKNESS is still inspired by gore and the only and true goregrind band was the legendary CARCASS. Just listen to their first two releases, pure gore! Forget about their ‘un-gore’ releases. SICKNESS shall continue what they’ve ended. Other band that inspired us include OLD LADY DRIVERS, ASSUCK, NAPALM DEATH, S.O.D, SLAYER and also NIRVANA! To name a few. Zines were (in those days) were METAL HAMMER, KERRANG, METALHEAD, GILA-GILA, UJANG etc.
Besides all these things, my inspiration/influences also comes from medical books(the subject attracts me). I also enjoy superhero movies,
Japan anime and hot & spicy foods!.ha!.ha!.

What do you think about DIY these day? Do you practice it especially in doing your music? I believe people who practice DIY ideology what to have absolutely 120% control on them and how far do you concern where your records will go especially in records store? distribution? wholesales etc.? Talking about communication, do you guys always communicate with other bands, people in and outside Kluang(hehehe) or maybe Malaysia? Do you do any feedback?
DIY these days are improved by a big factor which is technology. Back then in the 80’s & 90’s, there were no good tool for us to produce high quality materials. Kids these days have a big advantage in producing stuffs totally using computer technology…from designing artwork, recording, producing and even self printing. DIY today is much easier and less effort compared before the technology where only used tape for recording and designing artwork by hand. All bands including the legendary ones progressed with the technology and SICKNESS is no exception.
As for our music goes, SICKNESS doesn’t mind if we sell 10 copies or a million of ‘em, by DIY or distro, as long as we still love what we produce, we will always have our satisfaction.
Our communication with other is still strong between our hometown bands and as for outside hometown or the country, our communication is fading due to a lot of band is in hiatus or lost contact. Another problem is..we didn’t keep track…sorry guys! (I’m getting older!). For those out there who can’t directly contact us, please do through Own Control Records.

How do you define GRINDCORE? Is it really artful and meaningful to you? Is it a trend now? These day you can see a lot of music genre such as hardcore, punk, crust, fastcore, grindcore, noisecore ,powerviolence etc? which one to you is more have kick in the ass?! Describe your hometown….. heard from people, in early 90’s it’s a noise city!!! But it’s a underrated by so-called journalist, but who cares anyway? Any favourite spot to hang around? Best food, drink, or maybe red-light district there(hehehe)? Or maybe you want to share the history of your hometown to the readers? Tell me top 5 album/bands will changed your GRINDCORE life ? hehe
Not only Grindcore, Death, Punk, Hardcore, Emo etc..are all fine art to me and
I believe to all undergrounders worldwide. Let me tell you a thing, a lot of so called ‘high level’ or ‘mainstream’ people condemn intense underground music basically because they say is insanely loud or untalented musicians making noise! We can say the same thing to those fine art paintings which is to me is just untalented painter who can’t really paint by drawing scribbles and stupid lines. To them that’s art! Huh! What do they understand? We should decapitate their pruned genitals, mash them to a pulp and let themselves masticate their pungent corpulence!..ha!..ha!..gore!
If you ask me which genre has the most kick in the ass…well personally I’d say Thrash Metal! No band in the universe kick more asses than the immortal SLAYER!! (enough said!)
As for my hometown, in early ‘90s, it was grind/noise city of past era. Anyone who wants to know can find the info for themselves in the blogspot. To much to tell here. A small and quiet town but modest place to live. The best spots to hang around there is the railway station’s breakfast and dinner stalls. Killers!! They serve the best coffee, steamed buns/bread (breakfast in general) and the best fried rice I’ve ever tasted! Hot & spicy foods all the way! It’ll make your jugular veins incinerate and your intestines burst with pus!..ha!..ha!...gore!..
So you wanna know my top 5 grindcore albums that changed my Grindcore life?..here goes…

(i) CARCASS – Reek of Putrefaction

(ii) O.L.D – Old Lady Drivers

(iii) ASSUCK – Anticapital

(iv) EXIT 13 – An Unrequired Love of Chicken Soup

(v) NAPALM DEATH – Harmony Corruption

(Anyway…this is not my overall top 5 list…just top 5 grind albums of all time)

Last Question, is there any chance to see Sickness perform live in gig in near future? Tell me any old day Sickness’s gig? Do you happy with it? What bands do u like to share with in stage? Or maybe with Guns N Roses? Twisted Sister? Motley Crue? Or maybe Poison? Or maybe more old school New Kids On The Blocks?hehehe so what your future plans?any changes that you wanna see in Sickness thru 2009? Thanx bro for the time….see ya
SICKNESS would love to play gigs and it’s possible to see us play live. We’ll be glad to accept. SICKNESS been around for 13 years now and we’ve only played twice throughout our career! It’s true! The first was in Seremban in ’96 and the last one in JB around 2002 (I think). The most memorable gig was the first one where none had heard of us before (3 kids from a small town sharing stage with the nations other known bands). We were first to play and we brutally pounded the speakers! Man I tell you, the whole crowd that day cheered us and shouted not to stop (we had recorded the gig to prove…ha!..ha!..). The best
thing is, we had the whole support from my hometown boys where at that time, all Kluang scenesters/friends came down to that gig and gave us their full support! Thanks guys!..you rule!.. I’ll never forget you all…salute!..
The feedback I got after the gig was, all the bands that played after us had a hangover. Our tunes still plays in their heads after the gig was over. No joke. To all that was present that day…hope to meet you all again…
I don’t know with whom the other wants to play with, but I would certainly love to share stage with the legendary IRON MAIDEN! The first time I’ve heard them, they totally blew me away! Just listen to their first 7 albums and you’ll know what I mean, universally speaking. They are the reason I’ve picked up the guitar!...ha!..ha!... The other band is….the immortal SLAYER!!! No doubt they are the gods of metal!!! No fucking band in the whole fucking universe can touch them!...fearless man!
Future plans for SICKNESS is to record a full length and perhaps a discography(everybody been asking) probably in next year. I would like to do it earlier but due to my shitty work life…ha!...ha!... We hope can play more gigs in the future besides promoting our materials. SICKNESS will still be grinding and I’m not planning to stop what I’ve started. Well…we have to stay true to ourselves and not fucking popularity (big words huh!)

Lastly, thanks for the interview bro! Glad to chat with you…


JAKE (Sickness)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Interview with 240 Noise Volts

This is our local grind heroes...hail from noisecore city, the line up includes one of the best english translator in the world(but now he is still in Australia for holiday purpose... he he he), etcetc last time, this band used to share stage with Dahmer(Canada), Hellnation(USA), Motley Crue(USA), 324(Japan), W.A.S.P(USA), Slayer(USA), Harun Salim Bachik (Msia), Najip Ali(Spore) and tons more dude...the lists still goes on... nevermind the Sex Pistols, here come 240 Noise Volts..... enjoy!

1)hi Mr Amir…. Here we go with simple interview, so we are not having all the headache all the way thru the interview….what’s up? how life? How the weather ? any introduction from you, your bands etc..? what 240 Noise Volts means after all? It’s a grindnoise band or maybe a boys band….? Hehe I been tracking your bands kinda like from late 90’s, do you guys feel bored, jaded or maybe disillusioned with the same direction? Or you wanna changed the direction? Maybe want to add background dancer? Or maybe shuffle stuff in your grindcore element recipes?

Answer: Hi back Zuhree!! First of all I would like to say SORRY for my humble English… and as a usual, nothing much from me.. life is much more complicated then the old days.
Tonight, (morning actually!) the weather is quite good at the outside. the wall fan keep spinning as usual feeling a bit sleepy.. and my lappy start releasing some heat form the hard disk drive.
Okay here we go, hi to all this is Amir from Kluang Johor, West Malaysia. Im 35 male and still single
and available. As for the old days some friends know me as a guitar player for 240 Noise Volts, Increases Noise (R.I.P) and drummer in a Punk band called Distrust Is Abuse (R.I.P).
Around mid 1996 me, Baba, Jake, Unta and Azrin formed a grind band for fun and we started it as a project between Increases Noise, Distrust Is Abuse and Sickness. It just an easy and simple grind/noise band there’s nothing special about it.
At first start, the band has no name and if not mistaken Baba and Jake came with a name “240 NOISE VOLTS” and it sound something silly, stupid, untalented, Rockstar, Pornstar and a bit disturbing but for sure its nothing to do with T.N.B and their electric! We all agree to use the name as our “untalented” bands name.
Yeah we started as a grind/noise band! After involved with some problem we changed our music style and played grindcore in our 1st demo. Now planning to change it back to our first started.

2)the influences?
Answer: We do have influences but it’s easy if I say our influences come from some old and new grind/noise bands. To name a few Infectious Maggots, O.L.D, Dahmer and so on.

3)Top 5 Albums/Bands? And why, dude…..?
Answer: Too many bands to list here but here are some of my fav albums/bands.
1. Discography CD - Dahmer
Dahmer is my all time fav.. To tell you the truth I always wanted to play and sound like them hahaha!! Shame on me.. but that’s the true bud. Dahmer always killing me with their killer blast and er.. enough if I say… their beautiful sound!! DAHMER = GRINDCORE, GRINDCORE = is an ART.

2. EP 2002 - Captain Cleanoff
What did you expect?? King of grind from Australia! I love this band so much. Looking forward to see them live. (Tell Saha the band is not shit enough to using the fuckin drum machine haha!)

3. 7” 1994 – Disprove
Nothing much just a simple and yet interesting Punk band from Japan.

4. Deep Within Our Grief Factory Milk Runs Red – Infectious Maggots
The best grind/industrial/noise band from our local scene!! One of my all time fav and they influenced me a lot!

5. Come get some EP – Neuropathia
A grind/noise from Poland that give me more power to continue what I’ve played 15 years a go. Always wanted to form a band like Neuropathia.

4)Top 5 Supermodels or maybe Top 5 idols?
Answer: Here comes the harder questions… but I’ll try my best.
1. Fasha Sandha (My supermodel)
2. Siti Nurhaliza (My supermodel)
3. Salleh Yackob (idol)
4. Herman Li (idol)
5. Phil Anselmo (idol)

5)what do you think about this local comrades…..
a)Mr Payung
b)Mr Man Unta
c)Mr Saha aka Anal Cunt’s drummer
d)Mr Baba aka English Translator
e)Mr Obet

Answer: Will answer and make it as short as I can.
Mr. Payung @ Shah my partner in crime while playing Neopets and we still hang out almost everyday.
Man Unta, know him since he still schooling and he is my vocalist and a good friend.
Saha, an old friend with an attitude! And for sure he hate drum machine… I bet one day he will love it. Come on bud.. give it a try!! Drum machine is not that hard!!
Baba is my vox, bassist, good friend and my blood brother and sometimes annoying!!
Obit my first band mates in Hellguard and Increases Noise! Yeah we still hang out till today.

6)Top 5 guitarist or maybe Top 5 Drummer…..
Answer: I always go for musician but almost cannot think about it right now coz too many of them. Well for now only these names pop out from my mind!!!
1. Herman Li - guitarist from DragonForce
2. Sam Totman - guitarist from DragonForce
3. Fred - guitar from Dahmer
4. Jesper Stromblad - guitarist from In Flames
5. Vinnie Paul - drummer from Pantera

7)Do you like your hometown? How about the life you been thru in there daily….? Do the chicks kicking ass? Do the food awesome? How about local mate that you have there.. do you guys heavily hang around? Besides, playing in the band….i heard from a friend(in fact, he is playing with Anal Cunt as drummer)he told me that you active in friendster…?is it truth? Hehe or maybe you have any other activities that u been involved?
Answer: Yeah I love Kluang very much although sometimes I feel quite lonely and boring here. We have the best fishing spot around Kahang, Gunung Lambak Recreational Park, Gunung Berlumut Recreational Park, Tasik Majlis (Oops I did it again!) and many more. So come here and be the one who first come to Kluang! We also can offer you some chicks from those Mat Rempit gang (belanja alur bontot) you just name it!
Chicks here were more into “Rempit” and stuff and yes some of them always kicking my butt, but as I “cannot make it”, and I only have an original Kriss (Kriss - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Modenas) that
mean im not into the scene so NO REMPIT means no chick for me! It’s unfair! (Rempit - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mat_Rempit).
Yeahhh… the food was excellent! Just name it and we got it!
I have tons of friends here, as I know many of them are good and honest (not including “Pisang”). Some of them even closed, and we are like a one happy family.
Hahaha… sorry I have no Friendster and its not even suite me! You should tell the dude (Saha the drum machine basher!) that I could sign up a Friendster account for him for fuckin FREE! Yes Im into computers a lot and also addicted to Torncity (http://Torncity.com) text base online game.

8)Last words….what next that we can expected from 240 Noise Volts? Any kicking ass material? Or just a decoy(I heard this word somewhere….)? thanx dude for the time and interview….hail 240 Noise Volts!
Answer: Please don’t expect anything from 240 Noise Volts because we are not active right now and still looking for replacement with the missing line up. Too many problems to solve… still hoping we can release something in the future (hope so!). Thanks Zuhree for the questions and more power with your blog!

Monday, August 4, 2008


We proudly announce that our upcoming tshirt – 240 NOISE VOLTS will release soon in near future, just received the artwork MASTER CD this evening from the frontman, Mr Amir… the tshirt will be in simple and oldschool design…. No need any skeleton, satan, war, guns, atomic bombs, naked girls, brad pit, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Chuck Norris, Hail Amir, Awie, Budak Shuffle, Guns N Roses, Twisted Sister, Hanoi Rock, ghost, AR Badul picture etcetc to represent the tshirt…. So we will make it a surprise until the tshirt released itself… On plan, we gonna make it into 3 colours( the colour we still don’t decide it yet, depend on the factory… what colour that they have in stocks but the size will be available from M size to XXXL size)so boys and girls fucking grab it, pre-order it, book it, etc this tshirt confirm will be in 30 pcs limited all around the world…the price for single tshirt we also didn’t confirm it yet…depend on the cost of production.so you will know the drills….!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Meet The Devil!?

Me and my buddy, Mr Saha from Embrace records (we both been planning to collaborate to produce DARKNESS WORLD magazine or maybe SICKENING THE DARKNESS magazine – that focusing on the world of darkness, is it sound like a blackmetal?? Hehe do you guys have VENOM “at war with satan” ep? – mr saha, hehe) got a fucking opportunity to reunite and meet with our old mate(in fact, this trio used to hang around late late nite(yeah! Almost every nite in our glory day,hehe) in kicking ass Nasi Ujang Kerang’s Shop near The Real Railway Station)Mr Jake from Sickness a.k.a forefather of gore grind in kluang or maybe a satanic worshipper in kluang (hehe, may satan bless you all!!) nevermind what clothes he wear, nevermind how his hairstyle look like, nevermind how cool and macho he is.., nevermind how screwed up he is.. due to his personality, here come Mr jake - the real Black Metal cult leader, is he more REAL than 'pendek blackmetal'?? or is he more "'autopsy means brutality" than Mr Baba hehe (the day before,this dude(jake)been listed out all demon, satan name that he knows, we freaking out, dude!! - lucifer, ohura mazdo, behemoth, devil , fallen one, kuthulu, tiamat, sakkhah, azazel, absu, havohej ..... what the hell,dude!!!) we talked about Satanic, Cult, Supernatural things, exorcist! Curse, The name of SATAN!!! who the pioneer of Death Metal?, Napalm Death/SxOxB split 7”(fuckin rules! Fuckin’ classic! Fuckin Rare! Fuckin A Must!), Slayer (their 3 best album!) OLD(first LP) and yeah!! We been talking about the latest outfit from Sickness!!!! Fucking gore grind….with new line up and still 3 piece band! Who the real Sickness, dude? Hehe still gore, still grind, still SICKNESS and still good to be true! meanwhile Mr Saha a.k.a Anal Cunt's drummer, he volunteer himself for playing in Sickness, he he he... This one is for papaconia/sickness split cdr Japanese grind drilling machineguns meet Malaysian goregrind that will released under my label soon!! Wait for the proper artwork and hell yeah! It released!! Time really fast…we just have our breakfast with ‘teh c’, ‘kopi-o’, ‘roti bun bakar’ and ‘mee hoon soup’ while talking rubbish, laugh and so on… and yeah!fucking awesome breakfast with this trio, thanx for the quality time... i just found some satan quotes in web, maybe this one for you,jake.....
“I have no pleasure in any man who despises music. It is no invention of ours: it is a gift of God. I place it next to theology. Satan hates music: he knows how it drives the evil spirit out of us.” Martin Luther quotes
“But who prays for Satan? Who, in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner that needed it most?” Mark Twain quotes

Saturday, August 2, 2008

believe it?

The term supernatural or supranatural (Latin: super, supranatura "nature") pertains to entities, events or powers regarded as beyond nature, in that they cannot be explained by the currently understood laws of the natural world. Religious miraclesspells and curses, divination, the belief that there is an afterlife for the dead, and innumerable others. "above" + are typical of such “supernatural” claims, as are Supernatural themes are often associated with magical and occult ideas. Arthur C. Clarke points out that any science beyond current scientific explanation and understanding is considered "Magic", mystical, or supernatural until or unless it can be described by science. Conversely any claimed "science" which has not been proven is by definition supernatural or beyond science. This of course differs with each individual. Adherents of supernatural beliefs hold that such occurrences exist just as surely as does the natural world, whereas opponents argue that there are natural, physical explanations for all such occurrences, summed up

According to the strict materialist view, if something "supernatural" exists, it is by definition not supernatural. Are there forces beyond the natural forces studied by physics? Are there ways of sensing that go beyond our biological senses and instruments? Certainly there may always be things outside of the realm of human understanding, as of yet unconfirmed and dubious in existence, and some might term these "supernatural".

Argument and controversy has surrounded the issue on both sides. One complicating factor is that there is no exact definition of what “natural” is, and what the limits of naturalism might be. Concepts in the supernatural domain are closely related to concepts in religious spirituality and occultism or spiritualism. The term "supernatural" is often used interchangeably with paranormal or preternatural — the latter typically limited to an adjective for describing abilities which appear to exceed the bounds of possibility. See the nature of God in Western theology, anthropology of religion, and Biblical cosmology. Likewise, legendary characters such as vampires, poltergeists and leprechauns would be considered supernatural.

Views on the supernatural

Speculative views on the "supernatural" include that it may

Distinct from nature Some events occur according to natural laws, and others occur according to a separate set of principles external to nature. For example God (in most definitions) is considered to be the ultimate creator of the universe and the natural laws. Those who believe in Angels and Spirits generally assert that they are super-natural entities. Some religious people also believe that all things which humans see as natural only act the same way consistently because God wills it so, and that natural laws are an extension of divine will.
A higher nature Others assert that God, miracles, or other putative supernatural events are real, verifiable, and part of the laws of nature that we do not yet understand.
A human coping mechanism Others believe that all events have natural and only natural causes. They believe that human beings ascribe supernatural attributes to purely natural events (eg. Lightning, Rainbows, Floods, the Origin of Life).
Magic Many people have sought to use both magic and science in hopes of empowering humanity for improvement and to achieve a clearer picture of humanity's place in the cosmos. In the earliest Christian art (from the 3rd century) Jesus Christ is portrayed as a bare-faced youth holding a wand as a symbol of power (See: Images of Jesus).[3] There may be a persistent link between supernaturalism, the paranormal, and the desire for immortality.
A word for unexplained events Before the scientific method was used, everything was believed to have a supernatural cause. "Supernatural" today is in this sense merely used as an inspiration for more scientific knowledge tomorrow, through observation and analysis.
Another part of a larger nature This is a view largely held by monists and process theorists. According to this view, the "supernatural" is just a term for parts of nature that modern science and philosophy do not yet properly understand, similar to how sound and lightning used to be mysterious forces to science. Materialist monists believe that the "supernatural" consists of things in the physical universe not yet understood by modern science, while idealist monists reject the concept of "supernatural" on the grounds that they believe "nature" is the non-material. Neutral monists maintain that "nature" and "supernature" are artificial categories as they believe that the material and non-material are both either equally real and simultaneously existent, or illusions that stem from the human mind's interpretation of reality.

Interview with Embrace Zine

so here we go....this is the first interview we have here with my trusted ally and kick ass buddy Mr Saha from Embrace zine , the emo punkrocker for all time, maybe he will be hall of fame one day, hehe hehehe i'm feel like an old day doing my classic zine...hell yeah!

1)Hello Saha,… how today in Kluang? How’s the weather? Tell us something about yourself? About Embrace zine? Has the new issue already out and what the direction this time? Still remain as hardcore/punk zine? How long you been in the hc/punk scene? What have you done since then? Are you happy with it? Do you ever feel bored, twisted or maybe you wanna changed to new hype in town? Hehe
I’m fine, it’s hotter than hell in kluang, so I drink a lot of water, and try to remain cold after bath.
I’m 33 years old this year and have been doing embrace zine since 10years ago, and have 15 issue so far and will have a new issue pretty soon. I’ve been active in the local HC/punk scene since 1995 by doing zines, tape label, distribution and so on. I am probably the only active guy in the Malaysian HC scene that remain these days, everybody else is dead, and I’m glad for that because they never do it really good when they were alive hahahaha what a statement. But honestly, yeah I don’t think anyone from the early years is still here now doing what they do back in the days. Maybe they’re still around just hang out and talk shits, and nothing more which is still fine for me. But hardcore is more that that, to me this is my life, and this is what I do, and I’m going to do it and continue supports the scene, keep it alive, and strong, and live the lifestyle for as long as I can. Hardcore as fuck that is, and not for the fakes. I’m not gonna be anything else. And I’m not gonna change myself for someone else or for anything. Like I said, hardcore is the way of life, and it’s my life, so I feel good about it. I see a lot of hypocrites and stupidity in other lifestyle I see everyday, and I’m not gonna be like them, I’m not gonna be like people who drive the street, who works a better job, who got a wife, and think that they have it all in this world. I’m not gonna miss all that. To me, this world has so much to offer than to live like an average typical malay guy. Hardcore is about making a change, and a counter culture so that’s what important to me. If others want to be a normal person, and sit back complacent, that’s not my problem. It’s just funny that most people complaining how sucks life is and blablabla. I think people complaining about their own live that they chosen foolishly is better off dead. There’s no way living if you’re not happy with the life you lives. I would rather be dead than be in something that I’m not happy doing it. But for the moment, I’m so happy with my life. I am for real, and not into hype, trend, or fashion. Everybody else is fake, and that’s the truth.

2)For the first time I read Embrace zine in late 90’s, I assume it will remain one of the great hc/punk zine in Kluang(or maybe Malaysia history,hehe) and great!! it’s still remain until today…. When you started the zine? any calculation on it? Tell us the story in the old back years, what is the main problem when you started this zine? How much did you spend the money for copied it and print it? For each issue, how long did you prepare, collect the stuff, interview, review etc…. and got anyone who helped you to run this zine?
Well, thanks for your kind words, and for still tracking down the zine since the late 90’s. Embrace zine started in late 1996, and I have its first issue out on early 1997. So far it has 15 issue and going sweet 16 this september 2008. So Embrace zine is almost 12years old now, can you say that a lot to other local zines as well? I don't think so. I have spent quite a lot of money of course especially during early years becos I have been doing everything on the internet café back then. But only this few years since I have a computer at home things been going easy. But it’s not about the money really, becos if you love doing something, you don’t care how much you spent. You just love how it
looks when you have it infront of you, and things really shapes from there. Internet helped a lot, but during the early days I sent interviews through the snail mails, and sometimes it took 5 years for the bands to reply my questions hahaha, just kidding, but email makes everything a lot more easier. I think after issue 3, I did most interviews on emails and it’s a great way to communicate with people. Doing zine these days is a lot easier than back in the 90’s, but I’m glad I have been on the both situation in the zine making experience. It makes me appreciated more of what I do, and I think that is one of the reason I still keep doing it. It is a part of my lives as well, even if it’s only a bit of it.
Some people helped me do reviews, scene reports back then, but they just come and go, but in this 2 years I have few local kids helping me on the zine. I have a second editor now, and 3-4 others who helping with reviews and columns regularly. This is great, and it’s cool to be a boss out of something you do haha. But all in all, Embrace is doing great these days and I think we have a few more years for it, and we are positively looking forward to that.

3)What are the bands, zine, books, model, community, TV etc that give big impact to you (influences)? Do you get them thru reading stuff or in musical aspects or from individual figures, families? Or it could be all this while you’re only own your own? What kind of music that you been listening lately? Any kicking ass music/bands? So how life you been thru in Kluang? Eating and Hang around is cool there! Tell the readers, which spot that is evergreen, classic and worthwhile to check it out for tourist down here(hehehe) any favourite food down there and a must for eat-lover or maybe eat-lover wanna-be? Hehe
There is definitely few things that keep me going, and keep inspiring me right from good music, great movies, good zines, great bands, amazing friends I have both locally and internationally, wonderful mom & dad, my great sister and her children, and so much more. I am definitely will not be strong if it’s not for them and things like that. I am willing to learn from others and I keep learning from time to time. Life is too precious, it’s huge, and it’s such a waste if you ignore it and refuse to learn and just live in ignorant and be stupid for the rest of your life. A lot of people is so timid and think that enough is enough, but life’s not like that. There will never be enough in life. You should strive for more. And I’m not talking about wealth or popularity or lust or things like that. So many people stop being marginal and be like a regular person when they reach 30 or something. But I say, age is just a number. If you think age is what matters, then you can be 23 or be 27 and feel as old as 31 or 184 years old. I say screw that. I feel young all the time, and I laugh at people who think they’re older and wiser and think that I should be like them and grow up and get wise, and all the crap. Well, if you feel old, then please, die.
Be your own self, and not what majority tells you of who you are and what you are. The majority is always on the wrong side of things, it's like there is too many voices in the crowd and you can hear that nothing is clearly right. So I say, what matters is what you think and what you feel deep down inside you.
Currently I’m listening to lots of classic and new hardcore such as Mainstrike, Nations On Fire, Carry On, The First Step, Betrayed, Sportswear, Los Crudos, In My Eyes, Ignite (I saw them live recently, they ruled!), Paint It Black, Redemption 87, Insted, Highscore, Manliftingbanner, True Colors, 108, Chain of Strength, Youth of Today, Better than a thousand, Turning Point, SS Decontrol, Outlast, Infest, 7 Seconds, and few metal bands such as Morning Again, Culture, Catharsis, Converge, Sparkle of Hope, Sauna, Refused, Kindred, Slayer, Acme, also The Ramones, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Bad Religion and like 2 weeks ago I got this amazing CD’s of Angela Aki, a female pianist/singer from Japan and I’m into her at the moment and few other bands I forgot right now. There’s too many good shit these days. Music is my life!
Well, my life is mostly about doing a record label right now, Embrace Records is busy with a new release, and future releases as well, and we keep promoting the current releases together with the older ones as well. We have few t-shirts and our distribution is getting new stuff and getting huge as well. All of this keep me busy, so sometimes when I want to be relief, I call up local friends and meeting them in the town and hang out together and talking rubbish, or sometimes serious topics as well, and hang out for hours in a local coffee shop. If anybody fool enough to drop by in this little town, they should go and stop and have a drink at Railway Coffee in the town area or another branch at the Kluang Railway Station nearby. But we always hang around at the town area shop because it’s more coolest and not as busy as the one at the Railway Station. My favorite foods and drinks overthere would be “roti keping bakar” and “teh c”, but everything is great there. The waiters is nice and people enjoying themselves while eating and drinking at this shop. It’s a great place, and a classic spot, a bit expensive but what the hell, it’s better than mamak stall that serve too many oily unhealthy foods (although i love eating at mamak stalls as well especially the kari kambing and roti nan hahhaha), and there’s always too many “rip-off” malay restaurants around here. We keep it save and cool all the time, we are the coolest kids in town so we hang out at the coolest place.

4)What album have you listened to more than any other in your life? Please list out 5 of your favorite bands? From the sources that we got(hehe)you are so damn fanatics, lunatic, die-hard fans for Asia Horror film….tell us something about this…. Some people still blind with Hollywood Horror…tell us your favorite Asia Horror movie…do you think in upcoming future, more and more Asia horror outfit will kick some Hollywood Horror ass?(infact…these day Asian Horror still have kick in the ass!!)
Wow this is another difficult questions becos I’ve been listening to a lot lately to the music that I’ve been discovered 10-15years ago. Recently I listen to the Neds Atomic Dustbin “Are You Normal?”, Youth of Today “Break Down The Walls”, Slayer “Reign In Blood”, Suicidal Tendencies “Still Cyco after all these Years”, and this were the first few music I’ve been discovered in my secondary school years back in 1992. So it’s great to have that memory back remembering how stupid I was in my 16 jumping around my room listening to these bands. But the albums that I’ve been listening like almost everyday from time to time is Youth of Today “We’re Not In This Alone”, Quicksand “Slip”, Mainstrike “Quest For the Answers”, Morrissey “Bona Drag” and so on. 5 favorite bands is difficult to give but I try: Youth Of Today, Quicksand, The Smiths, Fugazi, Slayer.
Haha yeah where did you find this information my friend? I am absolutely a die hard asian horror fans (especially jap horror) together with a mystery local friend hahaha. We like to be in a darkness life. We sometimes go to the cinema together for the recent horror movies, it’s funny because most of our other friends don’t like to watch horror movies and don’t fully understand why we are into this damn thing, but I tell you we are freaks, we literally watch any asian horror we can get and we talked about it the next days like there’s no more tomorrow, but it’s cool to find someone who has similar interest as you becos we can share and talk about it together at any time especially during our tea times at our favorite local hang outs. Well I don’t understand how can Hollywood get any great asian horror and did a terrible version of it and called it brilliant afterward. Did you watched the remake of Ringu, man that was a disaster remake version ever made by this Hollywood brats, but it’s about money and lack of ideas I think. Hollywood is a disaster industry, they probably stronger (in terms of financial and stuff like that) but the strong they become the less wiser they be, and they just come and destroy everything, they produce many garbage they call fantastic movies ever made in the world. I totally can’t understand Star Wars, Matrix, Rambo and many crap like that. I know all these movies has its own diehard fans, but I’m not into garbage. Hollywood never made any great horror movies in this past 10-15years or maybe 20years, but I never liked them anyway so I don't really give a fuck.
I loved asian horror especially because they tells the real story and the details, story that might happened around them, that closely related to their own unique cultures that they never replicate them from others, and that’s why it’s brilliant. The great thing is in this modernism it’s conflicted with science so most asian horror especially Japanese always mix tradition beliefs and science in their horror movies and makes you go around nuts watching over it because you have to view them in many aspects and it’s difficult when science involved. I'm not good in chemicals and biologies. Anyway, I would say that most Malaysian horror is typical tho, and I’m not into it.

5)Any Last words? What will the readers expect from Embrace zine in near future? Any new issue will coming out? What do you expected to see or any changes in Embrace zine on the way thru 2009? Maybe Embrace zine will change to Classic Rock zine? Hehe thanx bro for the time….see ya…
I can’t tell much to the readers about what to expect in the future as I myself have lots of expectation as well, but the new issue will be ready this September 2008 is all I can say for now. Classic rock zine is possible since
I’m listening to AC/DC and Led Zeppelin lately hahahha, you got me there my friend. Well, thanks for the interview and hope to see you soon. Long live Hardcore, and death to the capitalist system that makes this world a terrible place to live in. We are the best, that’s the truth! Everything else is fucked up and doomed. Stay strong, and goodluck for the future!

c/o SAHA

website: www.embracehq.com
my space: www.myspace.com/embracerecords

coming soon:
"Join The Fight" Bold Tribute CD

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Elemae/Memorial/Soon split CD
Struggle Against "Vision Of Strength" CD
"Standing Hard" A Youth Of Today Tribute CD
ELEMAE "Popular Misconceptions Of Happiness" CD