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Kluang scene report

Kluang scene started around late 80’s during the glory days of extreme music. Also to make long story short, few bands and also fanzines spawned due to keep the spirit of extreme music alive. As I can recall, the first band that rose from Kluang scene that time probably was thrash band HELLGUARD around early 90’s. They were heavily influenced by thrash legends like SLAYER, MEGADETH, NUCLEAR ASSAULT, SODOM, VOIVOD, OVERKILL etc..just to name a few. Unfortunately they disbanded and never released any material.

To keep the spirit alive, ex-HELLGUARD members reformed with new members under a new name INCREASES NOISE. With Noisecore/Grind as a new path, they released their first rehearsal tape titled ‘Suffer’ around ’94 and second rehearsal demo around ‘96. Featured in a lot of fanzines, they gained recognition with their releases since very few or probably no Malaysian band were into this genre at that time and received a lot of positive feedback from M’sian scene.

Around ’95 ~ ’96, a GoreGrind band SICKNESS were the follow-up of Kluang’s ‘Grind’ scene. Keeping Kluang’s ‘Grind’ scene alive, they’ve released their first self titled rehearsal tape around ’95. In ’96, their second rehearsal demo release titled ‘Ulcerous Intestine’ made the band recognized securing a name to the M’sian scene. Their third material titled ‘Faecal Disarticulation’ rehearsal demo released around ’97 ~ ’98 was the last release with the original line-up. In 2003, SICKNESS emerged again with their studio released tape titled ‘Empathological Excavations’. SICKNESS also appeared in quite a number of compilation songs mostly taken from the studio release. The band is still active till today.

A lot of bands spawned during that time such as 240 NOISE VOLTS, BOMBSHELL, I can recall, BOMBSHELL and D.I.A were great Hardcore/Metal influenced band and did release rehearsal demos. Unfortunately these two bands disbanded due to internal problems. However 240 NOISE VOLTS were very and still active till today. A Fun/Grind/Noise band influenced by the likes of the first OLD LADY DRIVERS masterpiece release and PUNGENT STENCH, members consists from INCREASES NOISE, SICKNESS, BOMBSHELL and D.I.A. they’ve released masterpieces such as their first two rehearsal demo were just plain masterpieces playing totally pure Fun/Grind/Noisecore both releases in ’96 namely ‘Untitled’ and ‘Noisecore si Labu Labi’. In ’97, they’ve released a split tape with BOMBSHELL and finally a demo titled ‘Menselijke Arrogante Klootzak’ in 2004. The band is still active till today.

A lot of bands spawned during and after the era such as RECONSTRUCT (Crustcore), released quite a number of self and split releases. UNVEILED (Brutal Death Metal), released a rehearsal tape around ’98, a demo titled ‘Carnage by Disease’ around ’99 and in the same year released a split CD with TRAUMA from Indonesia. NOIZYMUTHA (Noisecore), a new noisemaker in Kluang scene, did release a few rehearsal tape, split and appearing in quite a number of compilations. The band is in hiatus now.

Other than bands, Kluang scene also contributed fanzines and distribution label to the underground scene. Around the early days, the fanzines were The Underground ‘Zine(Metal, Punk, Hardcore) , Skin My Skin ‘zine(Punk), Angel of Death ‘zine(Metal, Black), a few punk related fanzine which I couldn’t remember and the only running and current fanzine is Embrace (punk/rock/emo) which is widely known today.

Beside that, Kluang scene has a distribution label ‘Own Control Records’ which is strongly running currently which produced a lot of compilations, split CDs with bands worldwide and also band T-shirts focusing mainly on their hometown bands.

In short, Kluang had a great scene especially during ’92 ~ ’99 era which was widely respected nationwide and even from our neighbourhood countries such as S’pore, Indonesia and Thailand. Also doesn’t mean that it has not a great scene now, only that most of the band members and the Kluang scenesters has other life related commitments and will still keep the scene alive only at slower pace.

Report provided by:

Jake(Sickness,240 Noise Volts,Noizymutha,Unveiled)

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